LimeTreePit Rubber & Mulch System

LimeTreePit Rubber & Mulch System

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SuDS permeable tree pit system consisting of recycled EPDM, SBR and rubber mulch, and a quality non-UV aromatic binder resin.

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  • Suitable for pedestrian and low vehicular traffic areas.
  • Suitable for both for new and established trees used in parks and street schemes.


An environmentally friendly system alternative to traditional tree pits using recycled EPDM granules installed over SBR rubber granules or a full rubber mulch system, bound together to create a decorative, safe and low-maintenance system which is Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS)-compliant.

Features and benefits:

  • High-quality polyurethane binder/ resin.
  • Optimized ratio resin to rubber blend for optimum performance.
  • Absorbent, SuDS-compliant system to drain surface water.
  • 40 mm depth for optimum performance.
  • Multiple standard colours and bespoke designs available.
  • Recycled for environmental benefits.
  • Flexible and strong.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Member of FeRFA: the association for the Resin Bound Technical Committee.
  • No additional cacogenic catalyst handling required on site.
  • Manufactured UKAS ISO 9001 in line with the guidance notes published by the Resin Bound Technical Committee as part of FeRFA: the Resin Flooring Association.

General information



Polyurethane resin, EPDM granules or rubber mulch

Uniclass 2015

Ss_45_35_05_66 Pit-planted large tree systemsPrimary


Q31/505 Tree pits

Specification data - Pit-planted large tree systems Enhanced data

Tree pit surfacing


Loose fill tree pit surfacing

Compacted no-fines gravel. Minimum depth 100 mm.

Bound tree pit surfacing

Minimum depth 40 mm. Graded depth up to tree and exposed roots.

Tree grilles and surrounds

Not applicable.

Protective tree collar, 50 mm minimum clearance. Loose aggregate to match.

Protective tree collar, 50 mm minimum clearance. Lower ration resin/ aggregate mix.

To allow for tree growth.

EPDM/ SBR/ mulch


Mulch mix blend

Not applicable.





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Aliphatic prepolymer (UV-resistant).

Available on request.

Aromatic isocyanate.


Environmental information

Country of material origin

United Kingdom

Third party certifications
  • FeRFA: UKAS ISO9001
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