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Narrow speed gate with swinging door wings. It acts as a boundary between public and private environments and has been thoughtfully crafted with design aesthetics in mind. The smooth glass casing houses intuitive-coloured LED lights which glide along the cabinet top, guiding users from entry through authorization to the secured area.

It effectively detects tailgating, and the aesthetics can be easily adjusted to either blend in or stand out, depending on requirements.

Features and benefits:

  • Tailgating detection.
  • Smooth, swinging-motion glass barriers.
  • Slim, V-shaped, tapered cabinets with ergonomic design and narrow footprint.
  • High quality materials.
  • Flexible lane configurations as well as ability to stand alone.
  • Rests in a low energy 'sleep' mode and activates upon approach.
  • Universally understood and proven display symbols.
  • Additional flexible options available to fine-tune or ‘Level Up’.
  • Relieves pressure from security or reception staff.
  • Coordinates with existing building décor and design.
  • Built to last.

General information

Approach detection, tailgating detection, flexible lane configurations, sleep mode


Stainless steel with black glass top


Stainless steel


1035 x 1776 x 106 mm

Uniclass 2015
Pr_30_59_34_88 Stainless steel half-height turnstilesPrimary
Specification data - Stainless steel half-height turnstiles
Product Reference

Speedlane Lifeline Swing



1200–1800 mm door wing height, 615 mm passage width, two wings.


940 mm door wing height, 500 mm passage width, one wing.


940 mm door wing height, 615 mm passage width, two wings.


940 mm door wing height, 915 mm passage width, suitable for wheelchair use width, two wings.

Door wing height

940 mm

1200 mm

1400 mm

1600 mm

1800 mm

Unit finish

Insert requirement, available in a wide variety of colour options.




Remote control panel, controlling up to six lanes.

Jump over detection sensors

Lifeline Boost

Separate pedestal with three options.


Non-discriminating solution to randomly raise alarm on a user.

Schindler PORT 4 mini

Seamless and secure elevator destination control.

Sound module

Five audio scenarios, each with three sounds and adjustable volume.

Top mount

For fingerprint, facial recognition, iris scan, etc.

Universal elevator destination display

Universal elevator destination display for a maximum of eight elevators.

Standard product features

Unit size (w x l x h):

106 x 1776 x 1035 mm.

Capacity (per minute in one direction):

25–30; dependent on access control system.

Top finish:

Black glass.


200 kg.

Type of traffic:


Emergency egress:

Equipped with a battery back-up to prevent malfunction if a power failure occurs. If the power is not restored before the battery is exhausted or in case of an emergency the door wings will fully retract into the unit to create a free passageway.

Technical characteristics:

  • Power supply: 110–240 V AC, 50/60 Hz.
  • Power consumption - operating: 80 W.
  • Power consumption - stationary: 60 W.
  • Power consumption - sleep Mode: 40 W.
  • Operating temperature: -15 to +50°C.

Product Options


- BoonTouch:

Universal control panel which can be used to operate the Speedlane Swing remotely, from a reception area or security desk. It can operate any combination of up to six security access solutions. With a user-friendly interface, the BoonTouch allows for the control of individual lanes, multiple lanes and to control an alarm situation.

Digital objects
PlatformCompatibleVersionCertified to
- 1 2.1
- 1 2.1
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