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LCN 4000T Series Heavy duty track closers

A range of heavy duty, surface mounted track closers for aluminium, hollow metal or wood doors (hinge or pivot) and frames.

  • LCN 4000T Series – Designed for use with SEM 7850 wall magnet, to control fire and smoke barrier doors with maximum swing of 90°; wall pocket mount.
  • LCN 4010T Series – Designed for interior doors in institutional and other high traffic applications; pull (hinge) side mount.
  • LCN 4020T Series – Designed for institutional and other high traffic applications; push side, top frame/ transom mount.
  • LCN 4030T Series – Designed for moderate traffic conditions, with choice of mountings; suitable for narrow head frames/ transoms and top rails.
  • LCN 4040T Series – Designed for institutional and other high traffic applications; choice of mountings.
  • LCN 4110T Series – Designed for institutional and other high traffic applications; push side, door mount.

4010T, 4020T and 4110T Series closers are handed; 4000T, 4030T and 4040T Series closers are non-handed.

Closers in this range are not suitable for exterior mounting or exposure to the elements.

General information
Specification data - Controlled door closers
Product Reference

LCN 4000T Series

LCN 4010T Series

LCN 4020T Series

LCN 4030T Series

LCN 4040XPT Series

LCN 4110T Series

Closer -


Adjustable power, size 2–4.


Adjustable power, size 1–4.


(4011T, 4021T, 4111T) Size 1 (reduced opening force closers).


(4003T, 4013T, 4023T, 4113T) Size 3.

40_3T DE

(4013T, 4023T) Size 3; for double egress applications.


(4004T, 4014T, 4024T, 4114T) Size 4.

40_4T DE

(4014T, 4024T) Size 4; for double egress applications.


Left hand

Right hand

Closer cover


(4000T, 4010T, 4020T, 4040T, 4110T).



(4000T, 4010T, 4020T, 4040T, 4110T).


(4000T, 4010T, 4020T, 4030T, 4040T, 4110T).

Arm set


(4000T, 4010T, 4020T, 4030T, 4040T, 4110T).


(4010T, 4040T).



(4000T, 4010T, 4020T, 4030T, 4040T, 4110T).


(4010T, 4020T, 4040T, 4110T).


(4010T, 4020T, 4030T, 4040T, 4110T).


(4010T, 4020T, 4040T, 4110T).

Finish -

ALUM Aluminium

Powder coat (equivalent to BHMA 689).

BLK Black

Powder coat (equivalent to BHMA 693).


Powder coat (equivalent to BHMA 696).

DKBRZ Dark bronze

Powder coat (equivalent to BHMA 695).

LTBRZ Light bronze

Powder coat (equivalent to BHMA 691).

STAT Statuary bronze

Powder coat (equivalent to BHMA 690).


Powder coat (equivalent to BHMA 692).

US 3 Bright brass

Plated (equivalent to BHMA 632).

US 4 Satin brass

Plated (equivalent to BHMA 633).

US 9 Bright bronze

Plated (equivalent to BHMA 637).

US 10 Satin bronze

Plated (equivalent to BHMA 639).

US 10B Oxidized satin bronze

Plated (equivalent to BHMA 641).

US 14 Bright nickel

Plated (equivalent to BHMA 645).

US 15 Satin nickel

Plated (equivalent to BHMA 646).

US 19 Satin black

Plated (equivalent to BHMA 631).

US 20 Oxidized bright bronze

Plated (equivalent to BHMA 649).

US 26 Bright chrome

Plated (equivalent to BHMA 651).

US 26D Satin chrome

Plated (equivalent to BHMA 652).

SRI pre-treatment


Optional for powder coat finish; not available with plated finish.


Standard screw pack

Through bolts to suit ___ mm thick door

Specify door thickness.

Installation accessories

Hold open clip 4__0T-3054

(4010T, 4020T, 4030T, 4040T, 4110T).

Plate 4__0T-18

(4010T, 4020T, 4040T, 4110T).

Plate 4040T-18DS1

For use with Designer Series metal cover only.

Plate 4040T-18TJ

Plate 4040-18TJDS1

For use with Designer Series metal cover only.

Track bumper 4__0T-169

(4010T, 4020T, 4040T, 4110T).

Track roller 4__0T-3034

(4000T, 4010T, 4020T, 4040T, 4110T).

Standard product features


  • Cylinder: High strength cast iron.
  • Main arms: Forged steel.
  • Pinion: Double heat treated steel.

Product Options

Product codes generally:

  • Some codes are given in the format 40?0T, 4??3T, etc.
  • Replace ? with chosen series indicator, e.g. 4010T, 4113T.


Select closer power based on door width – minimum 660 mm (711 mm for 4110T Series):

  • Size 3 – Interior door width (maximum) 965 mm.
  • Size 4 – Interior door width (maximum) 1219 mm.

Contact Allegion if reduced opening force requirements apply.

– Cover:

  • 4??0T-72 – As standard; plastics; non-handed (4010T Series), handed (4020T Series).
  • 4040T-72DS1 – Designer series metal cover; non-handed.
  • 4??0T-72LL – Plastics, lead lined; non-handed (4010T Series), handed (4020T Series).
  • 4??0T-72MC – Metal; handed (4010T, 4020T Series), non-handed (4030T Series); required for custom powder coat and plated finishes.

Arm set:

  • 4??0T-3077T – Standard arm; handed; does not include track roller.
  • 40?0T-3077DE – Double egress arm; handed; for double egress doors and frames; does not include track roller.


  • 4??0T-3038 – Standard track; non-handed; non hold open; accepts hold open clip (not 4000T Series) and/ or bumper assembly (not 4000T, 4030T Series).
  • 4??0T-3038B – Standard track, as 4??0T-3038, with bumper assembly installed; accepts hold open clip.
  • 4??0T-3038H – Hold open track with hold open clip installed; non-handed; accepts bumper assembly (not 4030T Series).
  • 4??0T-3038HB – Hold open track with hold open clip and bumper assembly installed.


Available in:

  • Seven standard powder coat colours.
  • Custom powder coat colours (at nominal additional cost) – contact Allegion for colour range.
  • A range of plated finishes (at additional cost). Visible components (covers, arms, fasteners, finish plates, etc.) are plated to match; hidden assemblies (cylinders, mounting plates, etc.) are powder coated.

– SRI (Special Rust Inhibiting) pre-treatment:

  • For installations where a high level of protection against weathering or the effects of a potentially corrosive atmosphere is required. Ferrous metal components receive SRI pre-treatment and a powder finish coat. Contact Allegion for further details.
  • Delete sub-item if pre-treatment is not required or not available.

Installation accessories:

  • Hold open clip 4??0T-3054 – Mounts in track to provide hold open function; hold open point controlled by clip location.
  • Plate 4??0T-18/ 4040T-18DS1 – Required for pull side (door mount) installations where top rail is less than 95 mm (minimum 44 mm), and for push side (door mount) installations where top rail is less than 133 mm measured from the stop.
  • Plate 4040-18TJ/ 4040-18TJDS1 – Required for pull side, top frame installations where head frame is less than 98 mm (minimum 44 mm).
  • Track bumper 4??0T-169 – Mounts in track to assist backcheck; does not replace auxiliary stop; limits maximum opening.
  • Track roller 4??0T-3034 – Quiet, low friction roller assembly.


  • 4010T, 4020T, 4040T Series closers are supplied, as standard, with a self-reaming and tapping (SRT) screw pack.
  • 4030T Series closers are supplied with a wood and self-tapping machine screw (WMS) pack.
  • Optional LCN through bolts can be supplied.