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A comprehensive range of Kuterlite valves which is designed to suit both domestic and commercial service requirements, from hot and cold water services and heating to oil, gas and steam installations. Valves are assembled using exactly the same jointing method as Kuterlite compression fittings.

DZR check valves with compression ends, copper x copper (BS EN 13959) are a means of preventing the contamination of the water supply from backflow, back siphonage or cross-flow.

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Kuterlite Check Valves


42062 15 mm K424

42063 22 mm K424

42064 28 mm 424

42068 15 mm K4424

42069 22 mm K4424

42070 28 mm K4424

42071 ½" K4426

42072 ¾" K4426

42073" K4426

42074 1¼" K4426

42075 1½" K4426

42076 2" K4426

42090 15 mm K4424CP