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For internal and external use.

Suitable for the repair of moisture and salt damaged masonry, also after the post installation of ahorizontal barrier with Köster Crisin 76, Köster Mautrol, Köster Mautrol 2C or Köster Mautrol Flex 2C.

It can be applied to reduce the formation of condensate after waterproofing rooms with high humidity using mineral sealing slurries such as the Köster KD System or Köster NB 1 Grey. It can also be used as a water repellent exterior plaster.


A salt and pressure resistant restoration plaster for the restoration of heavily moisture and salt burdened substrates. Due to its high porosity and hydrophobicity, it allows for the damage free drying and de-salting of masonry even in the case of high salt contents.

It improves the insulative properties of the wall and therefore helps prevent the formation of condensate. The plaster is free of light fillers and therefore requires no further surface treatment prior to the application of breathable paints or wallpaper which is open to vapor diffusion. CE marked to BS EN 998-1. Substrates must be primed with Köster Polysil TG 500, with a minimum consumption of 120 g/m².

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Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_31_64_47 Lime plastersPrimary


M20/220 Multicoat proprietary plaster

M20/42 Multicoat proprietary plaster

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Consumption (per layer applied)

12 kg/m²/cm.

Layer (approximate).


1.3 kg/L.

Density of fresh mortar.


  • Porosity of fresh mortar: >34% volume.
  • Porosity of cured plaster: >41% volume.



>5 N/mm².

After seven days.

Flexural strength

>2.5 N/mm².

Flexural tensile strength: After 28 days.

Setting time

3 H.


Modulus of elasticity

>6000 N/mm².


3.1–3.6 L/ 25 kg.


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