• Waterproofing horizontal and vertical dilatation joints.
  • Waterproofing wide and irregular cracks.
  • Connection joints of slabs and walls.
  • Suitable substrates are concrete, mortar, wood, metal, steel, aluminium, glass fibre reinforced plastics (GRP), epoxy mortar, natural and artificial stone and many other building materials.


A thermoplastic tape for sealing expansion and dilatation joints and irregular cracks. It is UV-resistant, highly elastic and can withstand extreme movements. The Joint Tape System consists of the Köster Joint Tape 20 and Köster KB-Pox Adhesive (a two-component, epoxy based, thixotropic, high-performance adhesive) which are applied as a system.

Features and benefits:

  • Width: 200 mm.

General information



Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_90_87_07 Butyl rubber adhesive tapesPrimary


E40/545 Compressible sealing strip system

Specification data - Butyl rubber adhesive tapes Enhanced data



RAL 7045.

Elongation at break


To BS EN ISO 527-3.


  • Tear growth resistance (to BS EN 12310-2):
  • Tear resistance (to BS EN ISO 527-3): Longitudinal: >9 MPa; transverse: >6 MPa.
  • Resistance to cold/ heat (to SIA 280/3): -30 to +80°C.
  • Resistance to bitumen (to DIN 16726): Resistant.
  • Resistance to water pressure (to BS EN 1928): >8 bar.
  • Resistance to UV radiation (to SIA V280/10): >7500 hours.
  • Chemical resistance: Water and bitumen based waterproofing products, water, sea water, waste water, UV radiation, hydrolysis, micro-organisms.


Shore A hardness


To ISO 868.


>20 N/10 mm.

Peel of strength.