Koster Deuxan Bitumen Emulsion Based Waterproofing System

Koster Deuxan Bitumen Emulsion Based Waterproofing System

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External “Type A” Basement waterproofing system with polymer-modified thick film bituminous membrane.

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Bituminous thick film waterproof membrane, providing a thick, crack-bridging, waterproofing to external basement slabs, walls and lids. On clean, solid, stable, gypsum free mineral substrates KÖSTER Polysil TG 500 is applied as a primer. This immobilizes salts present in the substrate and the substrate is solidified. When preparing to waterproof on top of old bituminous coatings KÖSTER Bitumen Primer is used. To prevent stresses in the waterproofing, rounded fillets are installed in the wall/floor junctions.

The actual area waterproofing is achieved using KÖSTER Deuxan 2C in two layers. KÖSTER Deuxan 2C can be trowel or spray applied. KÖSTER Glass Fibre Mesh is embedded into the fresh first coat in all crack endangered areas - these areas include, but are not limited to, all joints, junctions, changes in direction, areas of previous cracking, horizontal decks and walls constructed with ICF. Before backfilling the waterproofing should be protected from mechanical damage and settling with below grade insulation boards, protection boards, or 3 layer drainage sheet.

System Components:

  • Primer: Polysil TG500 or Koster Bitumen Primer.
  • Fillet: KÖSTER Repair Mortar Plus – Installed at wall/ floor junctions to prevent stress.
  • Waterproofing layer: Koster Deuxan 2C.
  • Mesh: KÖSTER Glass Fibre Mesh – Recommended in crack endangered areas.
  • Typical protective layer: Delta Geodrain Quattro 4 layer drainage sheet.

General information


J30/110 Cold applied tanking . . . . . .

Specification data

Product Reference

Koster Deuxan 2C - Bitumen Based Waterproofing System


KÖSTER Bitumen Primer

Use when preparing to waterproof onto old bituminous coatings.

KÖSTER Polysil® TG 500

Use on clean, solid, stable, gypsum free mineral substrates.


KÖSTER Repair Mortar Plus

Use to reinforce all internal angles with a rounded concave fillet.

Waterproofing layer

KÖSTER Deuxan® 2C

Product Options

Waterproofing layer:

- KÖSTER Deuxan® 2C:

Two-component, compression-proof, elastic, polymer modified, fibrated bitumen thick film sealant for safe waterproofing of buildings in accordance with BS 8102:2009. Resistant to pressurized water, approved by the building authorities. Radon proof. Suitable for trowel or spray application.


Third party certifications

  • CE Marking : According to EN 15814:2012 Polymer Modified Bitumen Thick Film Sealant (PMB) for the Waterproofing of Underground Structures.
  • KIWA: Test Report 1998-14-4679/01N : Deuxan 2C Extratight tested in accordance to DIN 18195

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