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For saturation and pressureless injection, for creating subsequent horizontal waterproofing against capillary rising moisture in all mineral building materials. Can be applied from inside and/ or outside. Can be applied in cases of high degrees of moisture penetration and with all degrees of salt contamination.


A very thin, solvent-free, concentrated liquid synthetic resin. It penetrates deeply into even the smallest capillaries and pores in building materials. Due to its very low density and a surface tension lower than that of water, it displaces the water in the capillaries.

Capillaries lined with Köster Crisin 76 Concentrate are lined with resin and are hydrophobic. The curing of the injected product is independent of the drying of the masonry. After full cure, it remains flexible, does not decay or decompose, acts neutrally, does not effloresce and does not affect steel reinforcement. During application and after full cure, it is resistant to all of the usual corrosives in masonry such as acids, alkalis and salts.

General information



Synthetic resin.


Pr_20_31_53_41 Injection mortar damp-proof coursesPrimary


C45/220 Chemical injection dpc system

Specification data - Injection mortar damp-proof courses Enhanced data


Synthetic resin.

Consumption (per layer applied)

0.04 L/m/cm.

Wall thickness.


0.91 g/cm³.


Type of effect: Pore restricting/ hydrophobizing.



10–15 mPa·s.

Active ingredient(s)


Active ingredients.

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