Komfort Flexiglaze Bottom Roller Sliding Glass Partition


Product can be applied to office spaces, public areas and education sectors in which acoustic control is important while enhancing aesthetics and natural light.


Double glazed sliding glass partition with bottom roller flat panels hinged together to form a flat wall when closed.

Features and Benefits:

  • Flexi Glaze adds adaptability and variety to an office environment, whilst ensuring that high acoustics are achieved through full height glazed panels.
  • The system works in conjunction with other Komfort partitioning products, achieves good sound insulation and is quick to install.
  • This is a bottom roller system with a floor track and top guide rail, which allows for end-fold stacking configuration on either one side or both sides of an opening.
  • Up to 47dB (Rw) acoustic protection.
  • Compatible with manifestations and graphics.
  • Panel thickness: 80 mm.
  • Panel construction: Double glazed 8 mm toughened glass with 59 mm internal air gap.
  • Vertical joints: Vertical edge of panel closing through rubber bulb seals.
  • Acoustic seals: Top and bottom rubber sweep seals.
  • Height adjustment: Head track adjustable in height to take up any discrepancy in ceiling or floor levels.
  • Sound insulation and weight: 47 dB (Rw) -40 kg/m² sound reduction (laboratory tested to EN 150 20 140-3).
  • Panel suspension: Floor supported with top track guide support.
  • Up to severe duty.
  • Structure: Up to heavy duty.
  • Support details: System to be supported from suitable load bearing structure above as per manufacturers and specialist engineers’ recommendations. Support to be fixed within a ceiling void and include a plasterboard acoustic baffle to match the sound insulation rating required.

General information



Uniclass 2015

Pr_25_71_57_80 Sliding stacking panel partitionsPrimary


L20/545 Sliding stacking panel partitions

Specification data - Sliding stacking panel partitions Enhanced data

Product Options

Other requirements:

Options include special panel finishes; pass door panels, layout configurations, glazing requirements, manifestations and graphics etc. Consult manufacturer for further details.

Ceiling track

Aluminium powder coated RAL 9010 white.

Bespoke, RAL.

Panel edge profiles

Exposed - Aluminium powder coated to RAL black.

Exposed - Aluminium powder coated to RAL white.

Exposed - Sain anodized aluminium.

Frame finish

Aluminium powder coated to RAL black.

Aluminium powder coated to RAL white.

Standard satin anodized aluminium.


Komfort Partitioning Product Brochure

Komfort Partitioning Product Brochure

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