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Kaiflex Protect Alu-NET Continuous Sheet Covering on Kaiflex ST

Kaiflex Protect Alu-NET Continuous Sheet Covering on Kaiflex ST

Kaimann Insulation UK

Flexible closed cell rubber sheet for thermal insulation of larger diameter pipes and ducts with a durable protective silver coloured covering pre-applied.

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Flexible closed cell pipe insulation with a durable glass fibre reinforced aluminium foil covering pre-applied, Kaiflex Protect Alu-NET saves energy, reduces the risks of pipe corrosion and is protected against mechanical damage.

Kaiflex Protect Alu-NET continuous sheets are 1 m wide and contractors can cut sheet to fit any size of pipe or duct on-site with no specialist equipment required.


  • Attractive Aluminium foil finish.
  • Protects against impact.

General information


Insulation: Black, Cover: Silver


Attractive Aluminium foil finish; Protects against impact


LDPE / Glass Cloth / Aluminium foil composite


13 x 1000 x 14000 mm

19 x 1000 x 10000 mm

25 x 1000 x 8000 mm

32 x 1000 x 6000 mm

Uniclass 2015

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