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K41 Four Wing Revolving Door


Ideal for office buildings, airports, train stations, hospitals, shopping centres and hotels.


Four leaf automatic or manual revolving door which is available in various design options. There are options with night shutters in the manual or automatic versions, with electric or mechanical locks, push bars in different variations or with specific glass requirements. Every four leaf automatic revolving door turns in an anticlockwise direction and is always equipped with the latest safety features to provide safe and reliable functionality.

The canopy structure is manufactured from a solid and strong steel structure including thermal insulation and clad in aluminium plates along the pelmet and closed with a standard dust cover. The ceiling underside is closed with segmented aluminium plates that provide a solid and perfectly flush view. Highly engineered and reliable drive components ensure a smooth and safe operation at all times.


  • Quarter point positioning provides a high degree of seal and reduces wind draught into building.
  • Climate control (temperature, air conditioning wind draughts) which reduces costs.
  • Flexible design options provide totally customized solutions for any entrance.
  • Full glass option available for incredible transparency, mainly for glass façades.


Ideal for office buildings, airports, train stations, hospitals, shopping centres and hotels.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_30_59_24_04 Automatic revolving doorsetsPrimary


L20/495 Automatic revolving doors

L20/500 Manual revolving doors

Specification data - Automatic revolving doorsets

Product Reference

K41 Four Wing Revolving Door


1600–7000 mm, insert requirements.


2100–3000 mm; insert requirements.

Drum wall construction



Solid panel


26 x 27 mm

26 x 65 mm

Drum finish

1.4301 stainless steel (304)

1.4401 stainless steel (316)




RAL powder coated

Insert requirements.


Low-iron (white glass)


Insert requirements.





Push bars

Horizontal/ vertical bars in different design options available; insert requirements.


Insert requirements.

Standard product features

Operating features:

The door is supplied with the following basic parts:

  • Single operating switch with the following modes: OFF - Automatic - Continuous - Hand.
  • Single emergency stop switch.

Throughput capacity (based on bi-directional use):

  • 2500 mm: 2400 per hour.
  • 3000 mm: 2450 per hour.
  • 3500 mm: 3220 per hour.
  • 4000 mm: 3300 per hour.

Capacity is based on theoretical calculation with maximum occupancy of persons per segment per hour in both directions (without engagement).

Product Options


  • Watertight roof at outside (180°) including two water spouts to drain the water.
  • Dust roof 180° or 360° in aluminium, RAL, anodized, stainless steel etc.
  • Air curtain (heater) including air duct and air outtake for electrical or warm water supplies.
  • Night shutter (2 x 30° leaves) outside or inside available in various options.
  • Mid rails at drum walls or rotating centrepiece, impact protection from trolleys.
  • Individual design options on request, such as signage, special illumination etc.
  • Two manually foldable door leaves for transportation purposes or supporting escapes routes (break-out) with book fold design.
  • Middle show case (display) in straight, concave or convex design that starts from diameters of 3200 mm. All three door leaves will be manually collapsible and during normal operation hold with electromagnets.
  • Column drive that allows to build the door around an existing structural steel or concrete column (pillar) providing a solution for even narrow spaces where revolving doors can be used.

Power supply:

230 V AC or 120 V AC, 50/ 60 Hz.

Power connection:

Single phase alternating current, 16 A fused.

Power consumption:

250 W (2000 mm diameter); 1600 W (6000 mm diameter).

Control unit:

24 V direct current (short circuit proof).

Motor current:

48 V (pulsed).

Environmental conditions:

  • Temperature range: -15–50°C.
  • Humidity range: Up to 85% relative humidity.
  • Case protection: IP 20.

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