Interzone® 954


Primarily designed for use in offshore splashzone maintenance, where its continued cure under immersed conditions makes it ideal for coping with tidal movements and surges. May be applied to reoxidized and slightly damp surfaces. Interzone 954 has also found extensive use in a number of other corrosive environments including pulp and paper plants, chemical plants, jetties and sluice gates. Interzone 954 can be used as a non-skid deck system by modification with addition of GMA132 (crushed flint) aggregate. Application should then be to a suitably primed surface.


Features and benefits:

  • Will continue to cure when immersed in water.
  • Has excellent cathodic disbondment resistance.

General information


A wide range is available; consult manufacturer's literature and insert details.





Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_31_68_06 Barrier coatingsPrimary


G10/630 Galvanizing plus site-applied

G10/635 Thermally sprayed zinc coating plus site-applied

G10/638 Shop priming

G10/640 Shop painting

G10/643 Protective painting

G10/65 Shop priming for

G10/650 Site painting

G10/660 Shop plus site painting

G12/20 Shop priming

G12/30 Proprietary

G12/330 Proprietary metal members

G12/650 Shop priming

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As recommended by coating manufacturer.


A wide range is available; consult manufacturer's literature and insert details.

Product Reference

Interzone® 954

Wet film thickness (minimum)

294–588 μm.

Microns wet.

Dry film thickness

250–500 μm.

Microns dry.


Intercure 200.

Intercure 200HS.

Intergard 251.

Intergard 269.

For underwater use.

Interline 982.

For underwater use.

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Top coat

Interfine 629HS.

Interfine 878.

Interfine 979.

Intergard 740.

Intersleek 167.

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