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Interfine® 979

High performance, two component, high solids inorganic hybrid finish with offers compliance to all VOC legislation and contains no free isocyanates. Interfine 979 significantly improves upon the gloss and colour retention exhibited by typical polyurethane finishes as well as offering improvement in gloss and colour retention when compared to first generation epoxy modified polysiloxane finishes. Interfine 979 also displays the same corrosion resistance and has mechanical properties when compared to traditional epoxy technology.

Interfine 979 is part of International's premium range of polysiloxane finishes. It is designed to provide excellent long-term colour and gloss retention and provide extended lifetime to first maintenance when utilised as part of a high performance anti-corrosive system. It is intended for use in market sectors where visual impact is important and the need for a high standard of cosmetic appearance is required. These include high performance constructions such as bridges, offshore structures and tank farms in addition to general industrial and commercial steelwork where high levels of cosmetic performance are a key requirement.

The dual benefits of corrosion protection and high cosmetic appearance afforded by Interfine 979 mean that as well as exhibiting superior durability, this product also serves as an effective barrier coat similar to a traditional epoxy intermediate and, as such, allows a reduction in the total number of coats required from a multi-coat high performance system - saving application costs and improving productivity during application.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_31_68_66 Powder coatingsPrimary


G10/630 Galvanizing plus site-applied

G10/635 Thermally sprayed zinc coating plus site-applied

G10/638 Shop priming

G10/640 Shop painting

G10/643 Protective painting

G10/65 Shop priming for

G10/650 Site painting

G10/660 Shop plus site painting

G12/20 Shop priming

G12/30 Proprietary

G12/330 Proprietary metal members

G12/650 Shop priming

Specification data - Powder coatings

Product Reference

Interfine® 979


Consult manufacturer's literature and insert requirements.

Product Options

Mechanical characteristics:

  • Colour: Wide range via the Chromascan system.
  • Gloss level: Gloss.
  • Typical thickness: 100–150 microns dry (equivalent to 132–197 microns wet).

Recommended additional coatings:

- Primers:

  • Intercure 200.
  • Intercure 200HS.
  • Interplus 356.
  • Interzinc 22.
  • Interzinc 52.
  • Interzinc 52HS.
  • Interzinc 315.

- Intermediates:

  • Intercure 420.
  • Intergard 475HS.
  • Interseal 670HS.
  • Interzone 505.
  • Interzone 954.

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