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Insulated industrial door with universal rail system that folds the door panels together directly above the doorway.

Features and benefits:

  • Smooth and quiet operation.
  • Minimal maintenance required.
  • The folding mechanism uses minimal energy, and therefore a long life-cycle of operation is ensured.
  • Includes a motor with standard push buttons for the electrically-operated compact door.
  • Crank handle for emergency opening.
  • Lightweight and robust design.
  • Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) free.
  • Aluminium stucco design panels with an optimal level of thermal insulation.
  • Flexible rubber seals.
  • Polyester coating in eight different standard colours, other RAL codes available.
  • Integrated hinges made of stainless steel.
  • Automatic locking system on all doors; prevents undesirable uplift from outside. The door is burglar-proof as standard and does not need additional shoot bolts.
  • Fall-safety device which stops the door from falling down when the steel cables breaks.
  • Slack cable tension alert device. This will increase the safety of a running compact door. It will stop the engine when any problem occurs with one of the lifting cables.
  • Wide range of options and accessories are available.

Standard safety features:

  • Fall protection.
  • Slack cable protection.
  • Anti-lift protection.
  • Steel cables with safety factor of 6.
  • Rails with finger protection guard and warning markings.
  • Water permeability: Class 2.
  • Air permeability: Class 2.
  • Sound reduction: ±20 dBA.


  • CE-marked.
  • Complies with European safety guidelines and regulations EN 13241-1.

General information
Specification data - Sectional overhead doorsets
Product Reference

Insulated Compact Fold-up Doors

Door -

Insert requirements; maximum 7960 mm.

Door width

Insert requirements; maximum 7000 mm.

Colour/ Finish -
Sandwich panel -

RAL 3002 Carmine red

RAL 5010 Gentian blue

RAL 5017 Traffic blue

RAL 6005 Moss green

RAL 7016 Anthracite grey

RAL 7032 Pebble grey

RAL 9002 Grey white

RAL 9006 Aluminium white

RAL/ BS, colour

Consult manufacturer for options and insert requirements.



Operation -

Electrical motor, 240 V

Electrical motor, 415 V

High-speed electrical motor, 240 V

High-speed electrical motor, 415 V

Impermeability class




Activation -

Additional hand-held transmitter (four-channel design)

Emergency hand chain

Photocell, with support

Remote control

Receiver with handheld transmitter, four-channel design.

Key switch

Supplied with three keys.

Key switch with three buttons for up-stop-down

Supplied with three keys.

Pull switch




Additional operating button

Cylinder lock for control box

Dock leveller protection

IP65 rating

Control panel only.

LCD monitor for programming controls

LED monitor for programming controls

Warning lamp/ stop light

Glazing -

Not required

Double-glazed snap-in windows

Full-vision glass panels

Box profile colour

Not required

Anodized aluminium


RAL 3002 Carmine red

RAL 5010 Gentian blue

RAL 5017 Traffic blue

RAL 6005 Moss green

RAL 7016 Anthracite grey

RAL 7032 Pebble grey

RAL 9002 Grey white


Not required

Double-glazed acrylate, 17 mm-thick

Double-glazed polycarbonate, 17 mm-thick

Full-vision glass panels only.

Galvanized casing with 50 x 50 mm mesh, 4 mm-thick

Full-vision glass panels only.

Insulated sandwich insert panels, 17 mm-thick

Full-vision glass panels only.

Single-glazed acrylate, 4 mm-thick

Full-vision glass panels only.

Single-glazed polycarbonate, 4 mm-thick

Full-vision glass panels only.

Single-glazed reinforced safety glass, 4 mm-thick

Full-vision glass panels only.

Window shape

Not required

Full-vision glass panels or glazing not required.


Double-glazed snap-in windows only. External dimensions (w x h): 725 x 325 mm.


Double-glazed snap-in windows only. External dimensions (w x h): 680 x 370 mm.


Not required

Car wash package

Storm package


Not required

Ventilation panel, 450 x 90 mm

Black plastic; net air opening: 215 m².

Ventilation panel, 680 x 375 mm

Anodized aluminium; net air opening: 850 m².

Wicket door -

Not required

DIN left

DIN left with fixed insert panel

DIN right

DIN right with fixed insert panel


Cylinder lock

Standard, supplied with three keys.

KABA lock

Panic lock

Protective cover


Outdoor installation only, maximum width 5000 mm. Insert colour requirements (powder coated).

Not required

Standard product features

Door construction:

  • Sandwich panels: 610 mm-high and 40 mm-thick. Reinforced with aluminium U-sections.
  • Insulating material: Hard polystyrene.
  • Internal and external lining: Aluminium stucco, total thickness 0.8 mm.
  • Insulation value (K-value): 0.76 W(m²K).

Universal system components:

  • Hinges: Stainless steel.
  • Rails, end caps, guide arms and fixings: Hot-dip galvanized steel.
  • Rubber seals.
  • Cable break protection.
  • Floor-mounted fall and anti-lift protection consoles.
  • Fixings.
  • Slack cable protection.
  • Self-lubricating bearing rollers.
  • Motor mount: Galvanized steel.

Product Options


- Car wash package:

  • Stainless steel screws.
  • Improved water dispersion panels.

- Storm package:

Aluminium stiffening profiles between panels and in the bottom panel. Provided as standard for widths ≥6000 mm.

- Standard wind classification without storm package for widths:

  • <5000 mm: Class 3.
  • 5000–6500 mm: Class 2.
  • >6500 mm: Class 1.

- Standard wind classification with storm package for widths:

  • <5000 mm: Class 5.
  • 5000–6500 mm: Class 3.
  • >6500 mm: Class 2.

Wicket door:

Suitable for use up to a maximum door width of 5000 mm and minimum door height of 2400 mm. Note that on account of the bottom profile, an extra 50 mm of space is required at the top.

- DIN left/ right:

  • Net dimensions (w x h, approx.): 850 x 2100 mm from the floor.
  • Height of threshold (approx.): 235 mm.
  • Protection provided by wicket door contact.
  • Door spring.

- DIN left/ right with fixed insert panel:

As DIN left/ right, plus:

  • Constructed using panels to match compact door.
  • Sandwich panels above pass door installed up to the height of the compact door as standard.