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Indeglås Doors Single - Solid - TD

High performance, solid core doors with a range of width and meeting style options are available in a wide choice of veneers, special finishes and colours.  Standard veneers include oak, ash, beech and walnut. Indeglås solid colour doors are finished in a high quality laquer which is built up in several layers of spray application providing an extremely durable finish.

Indeglås Doors can be delivered with approval and certification according to European Standards with fire classifications up to BD 60 and sound classifications up to 35 dB.

All doors are prefabricated to order and all cutouts for ironmongery can be accommodated within the production process ensuring a high quality precision finish.   All Indeglås Doors have been awarded the Danish Indoor Climate Label which makes the product range make a valuable contribution to environmental targets.

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