An EPDM-based membrane used for sealing interfaces to provide airtight or weather tight seals. Used for weather sealing the exterior side of the connecting joint between a window or façade construction and an adjacent structure (e.g. wall, concrete panel, steel frame, etc.) or to provide an internal airtight barrier in a similar detail.

General information


L10/75 Sealant joints

L10/810 Sealant joints

L20/80 Sealant joints

L20/820 Sealant joints

Specification data

Product Reference

illbruck ME220 EPDM Membrane


CT113 Contact adhesive

Diluted with AW421 solvent at ratio of 1:3.

Not required


0.75 mm

As standard.

1.20 mm

Special order only.


Insert width. Available 50–1500 mm in 50 mm increments.

Self-adhesive strips

Not required


Gasket for locating to profiles





Standard product features


  • Tensile strength (DIN 53504): > 6.5 N/mm².
  • Elongation: >300%.
  • Module at 300% (DIN 53504): > 5 MPa.
  • UV resistance (DIN 53504): Excellent.
  • Vapour resistivity, µ (DIN 52615): 32 000.
  • Moisture vapour permeability, sd (0.7 mm thick): 24 m.
  • Airtightness (EN 12207): > Class 4.
  • Watertightness (EN 12208): > Class 9A.
  • Resistance to wind loading (BS EN 12210): > Class 3.
  • Dynamic puncture resistance (BS EN 12691, 10 mm punch): Tight.
  • Static puncture resistance (BS EN 12730): >250 N.
  • Flammability class (DIN 4102-1): B2.
  • Temperature resistance: -40 to + 130°C.

Product Options

Self-adhesive strips:

Acrylic and butyl self-adhesive strips for fixing to frame and construction substrate. Maximum membrane width of 300 mm.

Also available as ME220 VV with full face self-adhesive backing.


For low temperature or wet weather applications, or if mechanical retention for the membrane is preferred, there are four gasket options which can be used in conjunction with a suitable groove on the frame profile. Membranes with gaskets can be supplied with or without a butyl self- adhesive strip for fixing to the structure (standard format is without adhesive).

– K01:

  • Groove depth (minimum): 6.5 mm.
  • Groove width: 3–5 mm.

– K02:

  • Groove depth (minimum): 4.0 mm.
  • Groove width: 5–7 mm.

– K03:

  • Groove depth (minimum): 4.0 mm.
  • Groove width: 7-10 mm.

– K04:

  • Groove depth (minimum): 4.0 mm.
  • Groove width: 13–15 mm.