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NBS Source


  • Tanking of basements.
  • Sealing of tanks and ducts.
  • Coating of brick and blockwork structures.
  • Lining of storage tanks for potable water.


A blend of Portland cements, quality graded aggregates and chemical modifiers which provide a waterproof cement based coating system for masonry and concrete. The product is mixed with water on site and applied by brush or spray. The special mix design produces excellent adhesion to construction surfaces and is safe to apply on damp substrates.

Features and benefits:

  • Easily applied by semi-skilled labour.
  • Excellent resistance to water.
  • Excellent adhesion to both concrete and masonry substrates.
  • Single component product.

General information




Pr_20_31_53_14 Cementitious tanking mortarsPrimary


J10/110 Proprietary mortar

Product range

Protective Coatings

Specification data - Cementitious tanking mortars


2200 kg/m³.


32 MPa.

Water resistance

7 bar (to BS 1928:2000).

Application temperature


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