Hydraulic Valve

How it works

The Infrared Urinal Flush Control (IRC) consists of a solenoid valve and the sensor module.

When the IRC detects movement in the washroom, a pulse from the sensor opens the normally closed solenoid valve and water flows to the cistern; at the same time, the sensor is switched off.

After 25 minutes the power is restored to the sensor and, as long as no movement is detected for 5 minutes, the solenoid valve closes, shutting off the water supply to the cistern.


  • Ensures compliance with the Water Regulations.
  • Can be concealed to reduce the risk of vandalism.
  • Battery or mains powered (no external transformer required). IRC can use batteries as back-up power to mains supply if required.
  • Pipe, wall or ceiling mounted sensor: surface mounted or recessed.
  • On DEFRA’s Water Technology List; purchase and installation are tax deductible.
  • Visible LED status indicator and low battery alert.

Reducing water wastage and costs

Installing a Cistermiser IRC valve can save on average 129 600 litres of water per year and reduce costs by up to £301 per urinal bowl.

General information




G 1/2"


Dark grey


Unique patented hydraulic mechanism – no electrical supply or batteries required, Hygiene flush option, On DEFRA’s ECA Water Technology List; purchase and installation are tax deductible,




1 year + 2 Years extendable warranty (parts only)

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