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HR28 - Cherry picker

The HeightRider 28 (HR28) Hybrid Four-Wheel-Drive (4x4) is one of a new generation of environmentally conscious work platforms from Niftylift. Combining advanced power-source technology with efficient 4x4, it delivers outstanding performance from a compact and low-weight design.

The Diesel-only option delivers maximum traction and gradeability.

The Hybrid option incorporates a smaller, power-optimised engine supported by the battery pack when extra power is needed. This maintains power and performance while reducing fuel consumption. The exhaust purification system then further reduces CO/NOx, particulates, and noise emissions.

The HR28 Hybrid 4x4 can also operate on battery alone, making it ideal for indoor, quiet or clean applications. Diesel Re-Gen recharges the batteries without a mains power source and a fast charge is achieved whenever the machine is idle and the engine is left running.

The HR28 Hybrid 4x4 also incorporates Niftylift's multi award-winning SiOPS® safety system.

28 m Self Propelled Cherry Picker with a working height of 28 m (92ft) and an outreach of 19 m (62ft).

General information


Green, white


SiOPS as standard, good manoeuvrability, 360° continuous slew, platform, rotation, fly-boom




28000 x 9280 x 2490 mm

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- 1 2.0
Revit 2017 1 2.0
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