Horizontal Waterproof Barriers


A horizontal waterproofing beneath walls in new construction is required to avoid rising moisture due to capillary action in masonry or concrete. For this field of application many KÖSTER products can be used.

KÖSTER Fix-Tape 10 AW is a self adhesive waterproofing tape which is easy and fast to apply. Alternatively the waterproofing slurry KÖSTER NB 1 Grey (mixed with KÖSTER SB Bonding Emulsion) or the crack bridging waterproofing material KÖSTER NB Elastic 1C White.

General information


F30/330 Damp proof courses

F30/48 Damp proof course

Specification data

Product Reference

KÖSTER Bikuplan® Fix-Tape 10 AW

KÖSTER NB 1 Grey and SB Bonding Emulsion

KÖSTER NB Elastic 1C White

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Product reference:

- KÖSTER Bikuplan® Fix-Tape 10 AW:

Cold self-adhesive rubber/ bitumen waterproofing tape with a double laminated highly tear-resistant polyethylene foil on top. Highly flexible, immediately waterproof and resistant to driving rain. Crack bridging and suitable for application on cold substrates. For application in façade areas and to windproof window connections.

- KÖSTER NB 1 Grey and KÖSTER SB Bonding Emulsion:

Watertight (>130 m water head) mineral surface coating with subsequent crystallizing agents. Waterproofing layers made of KÖSTER NB 1 Grey possess excellent pressure and abrasion resistance. Approved by the building authorities and tested in accordance to the potable water guidelines. For waterproofing of areas in new buildings and in restoration. KÖSTER SB Bonding Emulsion is a latex based dispersion which is intended as a mixing liquid for KÖSTER NB sealing slurries. It has an elastifying effect, it improves the adhesion to the substrate and it prevents the premature drying out of the fresh slurry.

- KÖSTER NB Elastic 1C White:

Single component, white, elastic coating, resistant to pressurized water. KÖSTER NB Elastic 1C White is crack bridging up to 2 mm and abrasion proof. For wear resistant waterproofing of areas at risk of cracking.


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