Hockey 400

  • Civic and public sector.
  • Schools and education.
  • Sport and leisure.


Zaun’s Hockey 400 has been developed specifically with hockey in mind. The system overcomes the problems with traditional wooden board fencing, which is expensive, needs replacing and creates a lot of noise during play. It uses twin wire 8 mm wires in a close 25 x 200mm mesh pattern to clad the lowest 400 mm of the fence.

This results in an extremely robust section of fence that is able to withstand the cannonball-like impacts that occur during a game of hockey. Measured under the same conditions the noise from ball impact on traditional hockey boards was 97 dB, while Zaun Hockey 400 fencing produced a noise of only 68 dB.

Fixings every 200 mm and synthetic rubber inserts at each fixing virtually eliminate rattle during play. A clamp bar covering the panel ends ensures a safe playing surface with no sharp edges.

Features and benefits:

  • Designed specifically for hockey pitches and reduces cost in comparison to replacing wooden boards.
  • Manufactured with 400 mm of additional twin wire mesh at the bottom of each panel where most ball impacts occur.
  • Each system is supplied with EPDM inserts and fixings every 200 mm to reduce noise from ball impacts from 97 dB to 68 dB.
  • Open mesh formation ensures maximum visibility for spectators.
  • Increases ball retention within the game play area.


  • Civic and public sector.
  • Schools and education.
  • Sport and leisure.

General information


Galvanized and polyester powder coated

Uniclass 2015

Ss_25_14_67_51 Metal mesh panel fencing systemsPrimary


Q40/125 Open mesh steel panel general purpose fencing

Q40/27 Open mesh steel panel fencing

Q40/30 Proprietary fencing

Q40/430 Proprietary fencing

Specification data - Metal mesh panel fencing systems

Product Reference

Hockey 400


0.43–6.0 m, insert requirements.




Not required


Single leaf, 1.2 m wide, or width to suit, consult manufacturer and insert requirements.


Not required


Double leaf, 3.0 m wide, or width to suit, consult manufacturer and insert requirements.

Standard product features


Galvanized and polyester powder coated.


Hockey mesh comprising 400 mm of 25 x 50 mm mesh and 200 x 50 mm Duo8 mesh above with single 6 mm vertical wires at 50 mm centres and dual 8 mm horizontal wires at 200 mm centres.


Rectangular hollow section (RHS) sports posts - sizes dependent on height, spaced at 2525 mm centres, consult manufacturer.

Post to panel fixing:

Panels fixed to posts with full height 40 x 5 mm clamp bar with bolt fixings at 200 mm centres with EPDM inserts. The full height clamp bars create a flush safe finish with the mesh ends behind the clamp bar.


Framed in 50 x 50 mm RHS, with Zaun Hockey 200 mesh welded inside the frame, with slide latch. Gate supplied with rubber bump stop and two suitable gate posts. Vehicular access also supplied with drop bolts.

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