High Level Fan Heater - Wireless Controlled

Perfect for shops, offices and restaurants, indeed anywhere requiring discreet background heat. The heaters are quiet, economical in use and unobtrusive once installed.

Features and benefits:

  • 3kW rating.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Wireless controlled by a separately purchased wireless controller.
  • Choice of controllers for HE7010RX:
    - Single-zone with CRXSL.
    - Multizone with MRX1 and CRXSL.
    - RXLC landlord control with MRXLC and CRXLC.
  • Choice of controllers for HE7010SL:
    - SLPB: Run-back timer and thermostat.
    - SLVT: Run-back timer and adjustable thermostat.
    - SLVTB: Battery-powered run-back timer and adjustable thermostat.
    - CRXSL: Programmable 7-day timer and thermostat.
  • One CRXSL or CRXLC controller can operate multiple RX heaters.
  • One SL or CRXSL controller can operate multiple SL heaters.
  • Automatic safety cut-out.
  • Bracket supplied for angular adjustment of heat flow.
  • Maximum mounting height is 2.3 m.
  • Finished in white.

Included in object:

  • HE7010RX
  • HE7010SL

General information




Quiet operation, CRXSL, SLTI and XLC controllers can operate multiple RX heaters

Quiet operation, one controller can operate multiple heaters, LED indicator light


Zinc coated steel




210 x 115 x 485 mm


All products have a one year warranty which is backed by our nationwide customer care service, offering full spares and field support

Uniclass 2015

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- 3 2.1
- 3 2.1
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