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A high performance mineral render allowing quicker drying times in lower temperatures/higher humidity. Heck ED is available in a number of textured finishes and the standard off-white coating is finished with two coats of silicone paint, tinted to the client’s choice with 100’s of options available through our NCS colour range. Application onto the WBS K&A basecoat provides a high impact robust system for application year round.


Dry powder product supplied in 25 kg bags.

System properties:

  • Allows application in lower temperatures/higher humidity.
  • Highly water vapour and carbon dioxide permeable.
  • Water repellent.
  • Can be applied without priming on low-absorbent, water-repellent undercoats (Heck K&A).

General information
Specification data - Multicoat render systems
Product Reference

Heck ED Mineral Render


WBS Alkali Resistant Scrim Cloth


WBS K&A Adhesive

Textured finish

Heck ED KC2

2 mm.

Heck ED KC3

3 mm.

Heck ED KC4

4 mm.

Heck ED R3

3 mm.

Heck ED R4

4 mm.


Standard Off-White

Silicone paint colour

Insert colour requirement.



WBS Aluminium beads, trims and profiles

WBS Plastic beads, trims and profiles

WBS Polyester powder coated galvanized steel beads, trims and profiles

WBS Stainless steel beads, trims and profiles

WBS Low Modulus Silicone Sealant

Product Options


100’s of colour options available through the NCS colour range (Silicone Paint).

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