A hard wearing and adaptable chemical waste solution designed for hospitals, laboratories, chemical plants, commercial kitchens, dairies, food packaging plants and other commercial environments. The pipework can be installed on-site or prefabricated, embedded in concrete or underground.

It is designed to be used safely as a waste pipe with no mechanical load for temperatures up to 80°C. Temperatures of up to 100°C are also permissible for short periods. When frozen, the pipework adapts elastically, but resumes its normal state once the ice has melted.

Geberit HDPE is unbreakable at room temperature and offers excellent impact resistance even at temperatures as low as -40°C. Even when crushed or bent, it will return to its original state.Because of its paraffinic structure, Geberit HDPE is highly resistant to a wide range of chemicals including radioactive effluents.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_70_55_96_84 Sink wastesPrimary


N13/10 WC pans and flushing arrangements

N13/300 WCs and cisterns

N13/302 WCs and flushing valves

N13/331 Sinks

Specification data - Sink wastes

Product Reference

HDPE Waste System


152.400.16.1 Straight WC connector, size 110 mm

152.404.46.1 Straight WC connector complete with flush pipe, length 185 mm

152.438.46.1 Straight WC connector complete with flush pipe, length 265 mm

152.487.46.1 Straight WC connector, size 90 mm

366.061.16.1 Duofix 90° bent connectors, size 90 mm

366.066.16.1 Duofix angled connectors, angle 5°

366.067.16.1 Duofix angled connectors, angle 9°

366.068.16.1 Duofix angled connectors, angle 14°

366.069.16.1 Duofix angled connectors, angle 18°

366.070.16.1 Duofix angled connectors, angle 22°

366.071.16.1 Duofix angled connectors, angle 26°

366.887.16.1 Duofix straight connectors, size 90 mm

367.070.16.1 Duofix 90° bent connectors, size 110 mm

367.485.16.1 Duofix double outlet bend, size 110 mm

367.887.16.1 Duofix straight connectors, size 110 mm


Butt welding

Electro weld coupling

Ring-seal jointing

Screw thread jointing

Third party certifications