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HAWA-Junior 80

High performance top hung door gear, for straight sliding interior timber doors.

General information


Suitable for straight, interior sliding timber doors

Vertically adjustable

All parts are corrosion resistant and can be used for cavity applications

Door thickness (minimum): 26 mm

Door height (maximum): 2300 mm

Door weight (maximum): 80 kg

Uniclass 2015

Pr_30_36_36_23 Door track and running gearPrimary


P21/10 Quantities and locations

P21/350 Door track and running gear

Specification data - Door track and running gear

Product Reference

HAWA-Junior 80

Fitting set


HAWA-Symmetric 80 fitting set.


HAWA-Junior 80 fitting set.

Top track


2000 mm.


2500 mm.


3000 mm.


4.0 mm and 4.5 mm diameter Hospa special screws


HAWA-Junior alternative door guide.


HAWA-Junior special striking plates.


HAWA-Junior alternative floor channel, 2100 mm.


HAWA-Junior alternative floor channel, 3000 mm.


HAWA-Junior additional track stopper.


HAWA-Confort single lower guide.


HAWA-Confort double lower guide.


HAWA-Telescopic 80/2 simultaneous operation fitting set.


HAWA-Junior 80 profile trim caps (pair).


HAWA-Junior 80 track fixing set.


HAWA-Junior 80 side fixing profile, 2500 mm.


HAWA-Junior 80 side fixing profile, 4000 mm.

Standard product features


  • Suitable for straight, interior sliding timber doors.
  • Vertically adjustable.
  • All parts are corrosion resistant and can be used for cavity applications.
  • Door thickness (minimum): 26 mm.
  • Door height (maximum): 2300 mm.
  • Door weight (maximum): 80 kg.

Fitting set:

  • HAWA-Junior 80 fitting set, ref: 940.80.001. Set comprises two trolley hangers, track stopper, black plastic guide and rubber buffer.
  • If the sliding door is required to stop at both ends, an additional track stopper is recommended, ref: 940.40.041.

Fixing screws:

  • Fixing screws to be ordered separately: 4.0 and 4.5 mm diameter Hospa special screws.

Product Options

Top track:

  • Silver anodized aluminium, with screw holes for soffit fixing. Size: 34 mm wide x 40 mm deep, ref: 940.80.200 (2000 mm), 250 (2500 mm) and 300 (3000 mm).
  • Two top tracks are mounted side by side for double or multiple doors.


- Top track side fixing:

  • Additional fittings are available for side fixing of the Junior 80 top track using 'twist and lock' fastening bolts: Anodized aluminium side fixing profile, ref: 940.80.253 (2500 mm) and 401 (4000 mm), galvanized steel track fixing set for fixing the side fixing profile to the top track, ref: 940.80.099 and a pair of grey plastic trim caps, ref: 940.80.062.

- Symmetric fitting set:

  • A symmetric fitting set is available to allow simultaneous operation of two bi-parting doors on Junior 80 system, ref: 407.59.037. Maximum door width: 1200 mm. Set comprises two guide rollers, two clamps and a 10 m length of toothed belt.

- Telescopic fitting set:

  • A telescopic fitting set is available to allow two panels mounted on the Junior 80 system to move simultaneously to one side, possibly into a cavity, ref: 940.80.005 (two HAWA-Junior 80 fitting sets will be required).

- Alternate bottom guiding:

  • Alternative light duty bottom guiding with continuous aluminium channel is available: Guide with steel plate and nylon blade, ref: 409.12.990, and 15 x 12 mm bright aluminium channel, ref: 409.14.010 and 029 (lengths: 2100 and 3000 mm).

- Alternate wall mounted lower guides:

  • Single lower guide, ref: 940.40.071. Designed for sliding doors without cavity panel. 55 mm projection. With single locating element.
  • Double lower guide, ref: 940.40.072. Designed for sliding doors with cavity panel. The outer element retains the cladding panel. 100 mm projection. With adjustable double locating element.
  • Designed for wall mounting of sliding timber and metal doors, instead of floor fixing, which may be difficult due to floor slope, carpet or presence of under-floor heating, etc.
  • Guide element (rebated into bottom of door): 12 mm wide x 20 mm deep.
  • Material: Bronze coloured anodized aluminium bracket and zinc alloy guide, with M6 set screw to adjust guide.

- Additional fittings:

  • Special striking plates for rod locks, ref: 900.12.865.

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