Hawa Junior 80 GP


Can be included in various transparent room designs.


Door hardware with patch suspension, for use with all-glass single doors weighing up to 80 kg.

Features and benefits:

  • Includes a glass attachment.
  • Simple to install.
  • The suspension is fitted from the interior.
  • The countersunk suspension bolt permits a low installation height.
  • It is easy to adjust the position of the glass sliding door, as the vertical adjustment can be carried out from the interior - door removal is not required.
  • Compatible for use with sliding doors: Fully tempered monolithic glass (of 8, 10, 12 and 12.7 mm thickness) and fully tempered laminated glass (of 8.7–12.7 mm thickness), and fixed doors: Fully tempered monolithic/ laminated glass (of 8–12 mm thickness, up to 13 mm with silicone). Further profiles allow fixed glass to be fitted without the hardware being visible.
  • Smooth, quiet operation.
  • Can be provided in a wall pocket configuration.


Quantities of each component will vary dependent on variant specified - consult manufacturer for details.

  • Two-wheeled trolley, M10, with plastic wheels.
  • Suspension bolt M10 and mounting screws.
  • Patch suspension with glass holder insert.
  • Track stop, adjustable retaining force.
  • Single use drilling jig.
  • Screw-on rubber door stop.
  • Vertical adjustment pin.
  • Soft closing mechanism (23091 and 23092 only).

For two-panel sliding doors, order two sets for single doors. Consult manufacturer for further details.


Can be included in various transparent room designs.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_30_36_36_23 Door track and running gearPrimary


P21/10 Quantities and locations

P21/350 Door track and running gear

Specification data - Door track and running gear

Product Reference

Hawa Junior 80 GP (20491)

Hawa Junior 80 GP with one SoftMove 80 mechanism (23091)

Minimum door width: 690 mm.

Hawa Junior 80 GP with two SoftMove 80 mechanisms (23092)

Minimum door width: 1030 mm.


Top hung


Wall pocket

See 'Options' for details.

Running track



For fixed glass

For sliding glass

Material/ Finish

Aluminium, plain anodized, pre-drilled

Aluminium, stainless steel (brushed) effect, pre-drilled


See 'Options' and insert requirements.


Various configurations available, consult manufacturer's literature and insert requirements.

Accessories/ Other requirements

Not required

Bottom door stop

Available with dull chromium or stainless steel finish; insert requirement.

Hawa rubber profile

For fixed glass. Available black or translucent, in rolls of 5 m, 10 m and 50 m. Insert requirements.

Hawa Adapto 80

Fitting set which allows Hawa Junior 80 running tracks to be embedded into concrete ceilings. Length is dependent on the specified length of the running track.

Set for mountable and demountable running track

Spring-loaded door stop

Vertical sealing profile

Effective against draughts. Various configurations available, consult manufacturer's literature and insert requirements.

Wall connection profile

For unprotected glass edges. Various configurations available, consult manufacturer's literature and insert requirements.

Product Options


- Wall pocket:

Supplied with three-piece bottom guide. Enables the door to be pushed into a finished wall pocket. Combined with assembly set for Hawa Junior 80. Consult manufacturer for details.

Running track:

- Length:

Fixed glass:

  • 2500 mm.
  • 4000 mm.
  • 6000 mm.
  • Cut to size.

The running track sets come with integrated retainers for fixed glass. The glass element is positioned in the track’s fixed glass retainer. A retainer profile for wall and floor fitting provides sufficient stability, whether flush or mounted. A rubber profile or silicone groove hold the glass in position and prevent humidity seeping between glass and track. The running track set also has a cover profile made of aluminium which clips into and closes the fixed glass retainer in the walk-through area.

Sliding glass:

  • 1400 mm (plain anodized only).
  • 1600 mm (plain anodized only).
  • 1800 mm (plain anodized only).
  • 2000 mm (plain anodized only).
  • 2200 mm (plain anodized only).
  • 2500 mm.
  • 3000 mm (plain anodized only).
  • 4000 mm.
  • 6000 mm.
  • Cut to size.

Accessories/ Other requirements:

- Hawa Adapto 80:

Consists of a distance plate, and available with countersunk or pan head screws.

Other accessories and spares are also available, consult manufacturer for details.

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