Hawa Junior 120 A


Sliding hardware with bracket suspension, for use with single wooden and metal doors with a panel weight up to 120 kg.

Features and benefits:

  • Robust.
  • Includes a galvanized steel top fixing plate for bolting or welding.
  • Light, silent action.
  • Vertically (±3 mm) and laterally adjustable.
  • Can be provided in a wall pocket configuration.


Quantities of each component will vary dependent on variant specified - consult manufacturer for details.

  • Two-wheeled trolley, M12, with plastic wheels.
  • Top fixing plate, galvanized steel, with hanger bolt M12 and fixing screws.
  • Track stop, adjustable retaining force.
  • Screw-on rubber door stop.
  • Guide, rattle proof, for screw mounting to floor, groove width 10 mm, black plastic.
  • Suspension assembly locking wrench.

For two-panel sliding doors, order two sets for single doors. Consult manufacturer for further details.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_30_36_36_23 Door track and running gearPrimary


P21/10 Quantities and locations

P21/350 Door track and running gear

Specification data - Door track and running gear

Product Reference

Hawa Junior 120 A (25907)

Hawa Junior 120 A, with two track stops (26041)

Required if the sliding door needs to stop at both ends.


Top hung


Wall pocket

See 'Options' for details.

Running track

2500 mm

3000 mm

4000 mm

6000 mm

Cut to size

Insert requirements.

Closing mechanism

Not required

SoftMove 120

Accessories/ Other requirements

Not required

Bottom door stop

Available with dull chromium or stainless steel finish; insert requirement.

Cover cap for running track

Dull chromium finish.

Guide profile

Black, plastic. Groove mounted. 1300 mm length.

Set for mountable and demountable running track

Spring-loaded door stop

Product Options


- Wall pocket:

Supplied with alternative guide, 35 mm long and laterally adjustable. Enables the door to be pushed into a finished wall pocket. Combined with assembly set for Hawa Junior 120. Consult manufacturer for details.

Running track:

Aluminium, plain anodized, pre-drilled (hole positions vary - consult manufacturer for details).

Accessories/ Other requirements:

Spares are also available, consult manufacturer for details.

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