Alumasc Harmer Insulated is a range of outlets based on a rigid polyurethane foam body, completely eliminating any possibility of condensation forming on the underside of the outlet due to cold bridging. Heated outlets have an electric element moulded into the body of the outlet. The element is controlled by a heat sensor with a 1 metre length of cable for connection to an on-site 24 volt power transformer. Heated outlets are particularly suitable for installation in areas of permanent shadow and north facing aspects.

Outlets have an elastomeric bitumen connecting membrane fused to the outlet body, for bonding to built up bituminous membranes, torch-on roofing and hot asphalt. Consult manufacturer for details of alternative connecting membranes for other roofing types.

The Harmer Insulated Heated Horizontal Spigot roof outlet connects to PVC O-ring socketed pipe directly, or with heat-shrink adaptors where necessary. Connections may also be made to HDPE pipework using appropriate couplings, or to socketed and socketless cast iron pipework using couplings, adaptors or cold caulking as appropriate.

General information


Rigid polyurethane foam

Specification data

Product Reference

Harmer Insulated Heated Horizontal Spigot roof outlet


1011EB, dome grating, 75 mm pipe

1011EB/F, flat grating, 75 mm pipe

1012EB, dome grating, 100 mm pipe

1012EB/F. flat grating, 100 mm pipe

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Contractor's choice


Not required

1014EB extension piece

1016 terrace grate

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Contractor's choice

Standard product features


Rigid polyurethane foam.


  • Diameter (over flange): 325 mm.
  • Height: 1011 range, 120 mm; 1012 range, 140 mm.

Pipe diameter:

  • 1011 range: 75 mm.
  • 1012 range: 100 mm.

Flow rate:

  • 1011 range: 3.49 L/s.
  • 1012 range: 6.1 L/s.

Heating element:

Built into body of outlet. Cable for connection to 24 volt supply.

Product Options


Domed or flat (suffix …/F) grates are available. Flat grates are specifically for installation under paving slabs set on Harmer Modulock or Uni-Ring raised supports. They enable rainwater to drain away under paving slabs on inverted roofs.


– Extension piece:

Extension pieces are used in warm roof constructions where the waterproof membrane occurs above the level of the roof deck. Suitable for insulation thicknesses of 50–120 mm. Extension pieces are available with a choice of connecting membranes. Consult manufacturer for details.

– Terrace grate:

Designed for terrace-type applications exposed to pedestrian traffic. The aluminium alloy Terrace Kit consists of a circular fitting ring which is positioned over the mouth of the outlet. The terrace grate then rests on the ring and can be adjusted up or down to 10 different heights, from 30–90 mm, to suit varying thicknesses of insulation and surface finish.

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