Harmer Detail is a range covering all the awkward detailing situations that occur in new building design and refurbishment.

The Harmer Roof Detail Two Way outlet is for use where an angle is formed by the intersection of vertical and horizontal surfaces. It is installed to provide either vertical or horizontal take-off. It directly connects to cast iron and PVC pipework by means of a Harmer screw threaded adaptor and appropriate coupling.

General information


Aluminium: Cast in grade LM6 aluminium silicon alloy

Gunmetal: Cast in 85/5/5/5 leaded gunmetal

Specification data

Product Reference

Harmer Detail Two Way outlet


2TW/M, aluminium, 50 mm (mini) pipe

2TW/M/GM, gunmetal, 50 mm (mini) pipe

2TW, aluminium, 50 mm pipe

2TW/GM, gunmetal, 50 mm pipe

3TW, aluminium, 75 mm pipe

3TW/GM, gunmetal, 75 mm pipe

4TW, aluminium, 100 mm pipe

4TW/GM, gunmetal, 100 mm pipe

6TW, aluminium, 150 mm pipe

6TW/GM, gunmetal, 150 mm pipe

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Contractor's choice


Not required

2ADP screw thread adaptor, 50 mm pipe diameter

3ADP screw thread adaptor, 75 mm pipe diameter

4ADP screw thread adaptor, 100 mm pipe diameter

6ADP screw thread adaptor, 150 mm pipe diameter

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Contractor's choice

Standard product features


  • Aluminium: Cast in grade LM6 aluminium silicon alloy.
  • Gunmetal: Cast in 85/5/5/5 leaded gunmetal.


Angled flat.

Pipe diameter:

  • 2TW range: 50 mm.
  • 3TW range: 75 mm.
  • 4TW range: 100 mm.
  • 6TW range: 150 mm.

Flow rate:

  • 2TW (mini) range: Horizontal, 1.13 L/s; vertical 1.69 L/s.
  • 2TW range: Horizontal, 1.69 L/s; vertical 1.69 L/s.
  • 3TW range: Horizontal, 1.47 L/s; vertical 3.91 L/s.
  • 4TW range: Horizontal, 2.05 L/s; vertical 6 L/s.
  • 6TW range: Horizontal, 2.91 L/s; vertical 6.37 L/s.

Product Options


– Screw thread adaptor:

  • ABS plastics adaptor to facilitate the connection of Harmer Roof AV and Detail screw threaded metal rainwater outlets to PVC pipework. The adaptor is suitable for connection with all types of pipe systems.

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