Hadley EavesBEAM

Eaves Beam sections are designed to act as an eaves purlin, top sheeting rail and gutter support.

HADLEY EavesBEAM sections are produced as C profiles for detailing simplicity and manufacture. Three depths are available – 200, 255 & 305 in various gauges as listed. Web holes are 14 dia. for M12 fasteners and may be counter formed to provide a flush cladding face if required. When using countersunk M12 set screws, an allowance of 5 mm should be made for the depth of counter form. The counter formed holes bear directly onto cleats and accessories meaning packer plates are not required. The top flange can be angled from 0° - 25° in 5° increments.

Eaves Beams are designed for combined vertical and horizontal actions as single span beams. Horizontal forces are deemed to be transmitted through the roof diaphragm via the Eaves Brace(s).



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IFC2X3 1 1.3
Revit 2016 2 2.0
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