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A general-purpose, ceiling lining system suitable for most internal applications. Can be used in all types of buildings from residential properties to large commercial developments, and is equally suited to both new build and refurbishment. The system is compatible with, and uses common components of, GypLyner™ UNIVERSAL wall lining and GypLyner™ ENCASE steel encasement systems.

The ceiling comprises a lightweight metal framework formed from Gypframe GL1 Lining Channels, which are fixed to the structural soffit or to timber joists. The ceiling boards are screw-fixed to the framework to form the ceiling lining.

A range of Isowool insulations is available, or stone mineral wool (by others) can be used to provide acoustic/ thermal insulation above the boards.

Not suitable for use in areas subjected to continuous damp or humid conditions. Specify MR (moisture resistant) plasterboards in intermittent wet areas.


  • Fire resistance: 30–90 minutes.
  • Sound insulation: 52–63 dB.

General information
Specification data
Product Reference

GypLyner UNIVERSAL ceiling

Suspension system -
Hanger type

Gypframe GL2 brackets

Maximum 75 mm stand-off.

Gypframe GL9 brackets

Maximum 125 mm stand-off.

Gypframe GL12 brackets

Maximum 175 mm stand-off.

Gypframe GL5 timber connectors

Maximum 35 mm drop.

Gypframe GL6 timber connectors

Maximum 120 mm drop.

Top fixings

Timber connectors twice screwed to sides of timber joists, using Gyproc Drywall Screws

Brackets fixed to concrete soffit, using ___

Insert details of fixings.

Grid centres

450 mm

600 mm

Hanger centres

Maximum 1200 mm


1 x 12.5 mm Gyproc FireLine

2 x 12.5 mm Gyproc FireLine

1 x 12.5 mm Glasroc MultiBoard

2 x 12.5 mm Glasroc MultiBoard

2 x 12.5 mm Gyproc SoundBloc

2 x 15 mm Gyproc SoundBloc

1 x 19 mm Gyproc Plank inner layer and 1 x 12.5 mm Gyproc FireLine outer layer


Isover APR 1200

Isover general purpose roll


___ mm

Access Units

Gyproc Profilex access panels as clause ___


Taped seamless finish

Skim coat plaster finish

Primer/ Sealer

One coat of Gyproc Drywall Primer

For use in general circumstances.

Two coats of Gyproc Drywall Sealer

For use where vapour control is a consideration.

Other requirements


Gypframe GL8 perimeter track

Product Options


  • Gyproc WallBoard: 900 and 1200 mm widths available in 12.5 mm and 15 mm thicknesses. DUPLEX (vapour control) grade available.
  • Gyproc SoundBloc: 1200 mm wide, available in 12.5 and 15 mm thicknesses.
  • Gyproc Plank: 600 mm wide and 19 mm thick.
  • Gyproc FireLine: 900 and 1200 mm widths available in 12.5 and 15 mm thicknesses. DUPLEX (vapour control) grade available.
  • Glasroc MultiBoard: 1200 mm wide and 12.5 mm thick.

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