Grip Tite Super is an aqueous acrylic polymer dispersion, formulated for fixing wall tiles to most commonly found internal backgrounds, including plaster, cement-sand render, gypsum board, stable paintwork and glazed surfaces. The product contains Rock-Tite advanced polymer technology with a non-slip, high-grab formulation, suitable for a range of tile types.

Grip Tite Super conforms to BS EN 12004 as a type D1T dispersion adhesive.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_20_31_02_03 Acrylic and methacrylate adhesivesPrimary


M40/10 Natural stone covering to

M40/110 Tiling to

M40/115 Natural stone covering to

M40/120 Mosaic to

M40/5 Tiling to

Specification data - Acrylic and methacrylate adhesives

Product Reference

Grip Tite Super tile adhesive

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