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Glass blocks hand made in Italy. The Mendini Collection is comprised of 'Pegasus' winged glass blocks: special blocks which effectively reduce the joint size to only 2 mm, available as 190 x 190 x 80 mm with a smooth glass design and metallized finish. The handmade process used to achieve the modern colours is made possible by the refined, artisan production technologies which maintain the authentic purity of the shades. 16 vibrant colours are available, each given the name of a precious stone. Recommended for interior applications.

The technical, dimensional and aesthetic features meet the requirements of DIN 18175/77, EN 1051-1 and -2.

The glass blocks (in accordance with EN 1051-1) belong to Class 1, which is the highest quality level available.

General information

190 x 190 x 80 mm

Uniclass 2015 Glass blocks (Pr_20_93_33_34)
Specification data
Product Reference

Glass Blocks – Mendini Collection


Agata Q19 T MET

Ambra Q19 T MET

Ametista Q19 T MET

Berillo Q19 T MET

Black 100% Q19 T MET

Black 30% Q19 T MET

Citrino Q19 T MET

Corallo Q19 T MET

Giada Q19 T MET

Malachite Q19 T MET

Rubino Q19 T MET

Topazio Q19 T MET

Tormalina Q19 T MET

White 30% Q19 T MET

White 100% Q19 T MET

Zaffiro Q19 T MET


Expansion joint

Placed on the side and above the panel for absorbing movement of the structure.

Openable frame, model A, 215 x 225 x 90 mm

Openable frame, model B, 215 x 425 x 90 mm

Openable frame, model C, 420 x 425 x 90 mm


Various options available; consult literature for details.

Stainless steel rod

For reinforcing the wall.

Vetromalta Bianca

White pre-mixed mortar for installing and finishing vertical glass structures.

Vetromalta Grigia

Grey pre-mixed mortar for installing and finishing vertical glass structures.

Standard product features


190 x 190 x 80 mm.

Product Options


- Openable frame:

For 190 x 190 x 80 mm glass blocks, designed for room ventilation; the painted aluminium openable frame can house one, two or four square blocks.

- Spacer:

Plastic spacers which vary according to the size of the necessary joint, block thickness and the type of wall; placed between one block and another, they create evenly spaced joints, keeping the framework rod aligned and away from the glass blocks.

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