Gartec  Service Lift / Dumb Waiter

The Gartec Service Lift (dumb waiter) is a small-load solution for transporting everything from documents, food and laundry to goods, equipment and small trolleys. They are commonly used in hotels, restaurants and pubs, but the versatility of these lifts make them ideal for many settings where loads of up to 100 kg need transporting between floors.

It uses a galvanized structure supporting frame which is erected quickly with minimal building works on site and no loadbearing shaft. A counter balance drive system makes the Gartec Service Lift more energy-efficient without a reduction in power. The lift features safety locks on the doors, and the car can be fitted with adjustable shelving or with fixed, heated shelving if desired.

The Dumb Waiter is available in three main versions: the standard range (offering larger capacity), the double-decker (with banks of two service lifts in one shaft) and the low headroom/ bottom drive range (with base-mounted motor). Double-decker versions of the service lift are suited to laboratory lifts or food service lifts where contamination or temperature needs controlling.


  • Up to 12 floors.
  • Up to 24 entrance points.
  • Internal or external installation.
  • Load rated 50 or 100 kg.
  • Galvanized steel supporting frame.
  • ‘Rise and fall’ shutters or hinged doors.
  • Doors at serving/ counter or floor height.
  • Adjustable shelving options.

Approvals/ accreditations:

European machine directive 2006/42/EC.

General information


Up to 12 floors

Up to 24 entrance points

Internal or external installation

Load rated 50 or 100 kg

Galvanized steel supporting frame

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Uniclass 2015

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X12/110 Vertical lifting platform systems

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Product Reference

Gartec Service Lift / Dumb Waiter


Bottom drive

Base mounted motor.


Two service lifts in one shaft.


Larger capacity.




Insert requirement; consult manufacturer's literature for information.

Rated load

50 kg

100 kg


Grey baked enamel


Stainless steel


Insert requirements.




Collapsible gates

Floor level installation only.

Hinged doors

Rise and fall shutters


As drawing

Insert reference, available up to two sides per floor.


Grey baked enamel


Stainless steel


Single-phase, 240 V

Three-phase, 415 V


Not required


Lift position indicators (with sound)

Standard product features

Travel height (maximum):

30 m.

Technical properties:

  • Drive system: Motor winding unit with counter balance drive.
  • Rated speed (maximum): 0.35 m/s.
  • Landing control: Automatic call and send at each entrance.
  • Number of stops (maximum): 12.
  • Number of doors (maximum): Two doors per floor.
  • Pit (maximum): 350 mm.
  • Control supply: 24 V.
  • Current: 50 Hz, 15 A isolator.
  • Electrical protection: RCD with 240 V.
  • Landing doors: Four hour fire rated with electro-mechanical locking.

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