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FP250 Geopolymer Concrete Spray


FP250 is designed for use where excellent durability and chemical resistance is desired.


Geopolymer concrete spray or trowel applied fireproofing. This UL263 Listed (Design X860) and UL1709 Listed (Design XR746), 42–50 pounds per cubic foot (pcf) density material contains fire resistant microfiber to resist cracking during seismic events or shipping and handling of coated members. This fiber, combined with an early and final compressive strength greater than that in any other cementitious fireproofing material, makes FP250 the material of choice.

FP250 contains no Portland cement and consequently has none of the weaknesses of conventional cementitious fireproofing materials, including resistance to extreme heat and cold and salt water spray. FP250 has an elevated resistance to acids, solvents, chlorides and sulfates. Cold Fusion Concrete® FP250 contains 50–60% recycled content and can be helpful in obtaining LEED certifications.

General information



Portland and epoxy free.


22.68 kg


Pr_20_31_16_68 Proprietary concretesPrimary


C42/325 Proprietary sprayed mortar/ concrete

Specification data - Proprietary concretes Enhanced data

Compressive strength


Target compressive strength of foamed concrete (minimum)

>2500 psi (at 10% deformation, after 21 days, to ASTME761).

Properties of foamed concrete


Dry density (maximum)

43.5 PCF (after 21 days, to ASTM E605).

Bond strength

>24 770 PCF (after 21 days, to ASTM E736).

Shore Hardness - D

>75 (after 21 days, to ASTM D2240).

Environmental information

Recycled content

50 %


Cold FusionFireproofing cement FP-250

Cold Fusion Fireproofing cement FP-250

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