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FloorShield-HP-ESP - Conductive HIgh Gloss, Wear Protection


For use a commercial flooring hardener and protective layer.

The exclusive reactive nano lithium technology forms an insoluble permanent bond with concrete rapidly curing (30-60 minutes) into a micro-protective surface film. Will not flake or peel after installation. Will not absorb water or affect alkalinity once cured.


FloorShield-HP-ESP is a high-performance, conductive industrial flooring surface hardener and protective clear coat. This floor treatment is a microfilm forming hybrid inorganic/organic nano lithium coating that hardens and seals concrete floors, producing a very hard, dust repellent, chemical resistant and watertight surface. With surface resistance <10⁹ Ω it is fully compliant the requirements for ATEX and BS EN 61340-5-1.

For high demand commercial and industrial settings, FloorShield-HP-ESP is the optimum coating system designed for harsh and high abuse conditions. Whether your surface must tolerate significant foot traffic, large equipment, abrasion or chemicals our advanced, versatile, low VOC treatment offers high durability and bond strength with the ability to withstand UV, abrasion, chemical spills and heavy traffic.

FloorShield-HP-ESP provides rapid curing, attractive clear glossy finish and easy application for facilities that require maximum protection and little or no downtime. This unique treatment is extremely low in VOCs (<50 g/L) and environmentally with low odour.

FloorShield-HP-ESP is perfect for protecting light to heavy manufacturing floors, driveways, garage floors, food operations and warehouses. It leaves concrete hard, stain resistant, easy to maintain and light reflective (on smooth finishes). It does not significantly decrease the friction coefficient of surfaces.

Features and benefits:

  • Combines the durable protection of a penetrating densifier with the attractive finish of a high-performance glossy coating.
  • Creates a stronger more impenetrable and a better looking finish that is dust proof, stain resistant (oils and many acids) and prevents against deterioration.
  • Produces an attractive easy to maintain yet tough coating for high abuse areas, such as chemical exposure, impact or abrasion.
  • Tenaciously bonds and reacts with concrete forming a durable insoluble bond with the concrete.
  • Forms a protective “micro surface layer” that is breathable, dense and abrasion resistant that will not peel or flake.
  • Rapidly cures into durable finish for facilities that require maximum protection with minimum downtime.
  • Reduces maintenance, cleaning costs and costly repairs. Simply damp mop or machine scrub.
  • Permanent and durable surface resists marks, improves traction and helps prevent waterborne containments staining.
  • Easy maintenance, easy re-coating. Won’t build up or yellow.
  • Resists strong cleaning compounds, alkalis, solvents, oils and many acids.
  • Does not support mildew or fungi growth.
  • Forms protective shield for colour retention that is glossy and resistant to UV.
  • Treated surfaces require no waxing and provide an immediate glossy sheen, can be buffed to restore original sheen.
  • Extremely durable stain resistant microfilm forming surface treatment that will not peel or flake and both chemically and mechanically reacts with the substrate.
  • Makes concrete easier to clean, creating an environment that is less susceptible to the proliferation of harmful bacteria.
  • USDA/FDA approved for incidental food contact.
  • Extends the life expectancy and integrity of concrete and masonry.
  • Easy one-coat application. High coverage 37–74 m²/L.
  • Can be applied using simple methods such as spray, roller or brush.
  • Shelf life: 6 months in factory sealed container.
  • Abrasion resistance: excellent.
  • Depth of surface penetration: 2–8 mm.
  • Appearance: Milky white aqueous solution.

General information





Conductive gloss sheen.


Micro film forming hybrid, inorganic/organic nano lithium coating


Microfilm-forming hybrid, inorganic/organic nano lithium coating.




Ss_15_30_17_16 Concrete protective coating systemsPrimary
Pr_35_31_85_82 Surface hardeners


C42/345 Protective coatings for concrete

E41/520 Surface sealer

M41/540 Chemical floor hardener

E41/510 Surface hardener

Specification data - Concrete protective coating systems Enhanced data

System performance

Design working life



Protective treatment

Reinforcement treatments

Protective coat

Reinforcement treatments

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Required samples

Contact manufacturer to discuss.




Specific gravity


VOC content

<50 g/L.

Antistatic properties

To BS EN 61340-5-1, <10⁹Ω.




37-74 m²/L.

Environmental information

Contains Red List materials



FloorShield Concrete Floor Treatments Brochure

FloorShield Concrete Floor Treatments Brochure

FloorShield-HP-ESP - Conductive Hardener with Protective Clear Coat

FloorShield-HP-ESP - Conductive Hardener with Protective Clear Coat

Floorshield Concrete Floor Treatments Product Listing

Floorshield Concrete Floor Treatments Product Listing

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