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Used in apertures/ openings to form a continuous barrier against fire.


Electrically operated automatic fire barrier/ curtain, with integrity performance of 60 minutes and insulation of 45 minutes.

Under normal operating conditions, the barrier will be held in the retracted position via the motor brake operating at low voltage. Upon activation of the fire alarm, the control panel will remove the power from the brake and the barrier will descend under gravity in a controlled manner.

To retract the barrier, a 24 V powers the motor, which drives the barrier to the upper position. As the bottom bar interfaces with the head box, the limit setting holds the bottom bar in the retracted position.

If the mains power to the control panel were to fail, the supply is automatically switched to the integral standby battery. The barrier will then remain in the retracted position for a period of 12–24 hours, depending on the size and weight of the curtain. The barrier will remain fully operational until the battery low voltage cut off facility reads a voltage of 21 V - the barrier will then safely descend under gravity to its fire operational position.

Features and benefits:

  • Can protect openings of up to 3 m wide and 3 m high.
  • Removable cover plates are incorporated to allow access to the barrier rollers.
  • A suitably weighted bottom bar is provided to prevent deflection and ensure correct operation under gravity.
  • Design incorporates two side-by-side systems with a 100 mm gap between each fabric curtain: This creates thermal insulation in-between the two layers of fabric curtain, trapping the heat in-between both elements to reduce the thermal heat and irradiance of heat transference on the non-fire safe side. This provides an insulation (EI) barrier so that occupants can pass by safely.
  • System is designed so that either side of the barrier can be the safe or fire side.
  • System requires Promat 9 mm Supalux fire board to cover any exposed steel surfaces - consult manufacturer for details.


Used in apertures/ openings to form a continuous barrier against fire.


  • BS EN 16034: 2014.
  • BS EN 1634-1: 2008.
  • BS EN 1363-1: 1999.
  • BS EN 1363-2: 1999.
  • BS 9999: 2008.
  • EN 13501-2: 2007 + A1: 2009.
  • Control panel: Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC and Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2004/108/EC.

General information

Curtain: Stainless steel reinforced glass fibre fabric, coated with a specially formulated, intumescent filled silicone

Head box: 1.2 mm mild steel

Uniclass 2015
Coated woven glass fibre cloth flexible cavity barriers (Pr_25_80_80_14)Primary
Specification data - Coated woven glass fibre cloth flexible cavity barriers
Product Reference

FireSafe Plus 2

Size -

Maximum: 3 m; insert requirement.


Maximum: 3 m; insert requirement.


500 x 200 mm


For solid ceilings

For suspended ceilings

Accessories/ Other requirements

Not required

Beam sensor

Can be used as either a block sensor or an override.

Delay on alarm

The system control can be programmed to allow a timer delay on the alarm for a number of minutes before the barrier descends to its fire operational position.

Emergency retract switches

Hold on retract facility for escape and emergency service access.

Smoke seals

Located in the steel side guides and head box; limit smoke leakage as the fire curtain descends.

Split drop

Braking system which allows a staged descent during deployment.

Visual alert system

lashing beacon and sounder are connected to the control panel and provide a warning when the barrier is about to descend.

Standard product features


  • Curtain: Stainless steel reinforced glass fibre fabric, coated with a specially formulated, intumescent filled silicone.
  • Head box: 1.2 mm mild steel.


Curtain (each): 1.90 mm, nominal.

Weight (approximately):

Curtains (each): 1750 g/m².

Gap between curtains when deployed:

100 mm.

Technical characteristics:

  • Motor type: 24 V DC.
  • Weave: 8-shaft satin.

Fire performance (to BS EN 1634-1:2008 and BS EN 13501-1: 2007+A1: 2009):

Integrity (E) performance of 120 minutes and Irradiance (W) of 120 minutes (E120 EW120).

Product Options

Head box:

Larger head boxes may be required when the curtain drop is in excess of 3 m. Consult manufacturer and insert requirement.

Accessories/ Other requirements:

- Beam sensor:

When the fire alarm activates and someone passes under the barrier, the beam sensor can be wired to either stop or to retract the barrier. Please note that when used in isolation, the beam sensor does not trigger a sound.

- Split drop:

Allows partial descent to a predetermined level to permit preliminary escape and initial smoke containment. After delay, the barrier descends to full operational position.

- Visual alert system:

When the fire alarm is triggered and the barrier deploys, the beacon will flash with a sounder alert until the signal from the alarm is lost. Please note that when used in isolation, the audio-visual unit does not stop the barrier descending or retract the barrier.

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