Fastlane Compact

A rectangular stainless steel enclosure with the smallest footprint in the Fastlane range, while still maintaining its market leading performance. The stainless steel enclosure can be produced in various finishes such as brass and Rimex and also features decorative top options such as wood, stainless steel, glass and stone. The end panel is available in round or square variants. These enclosure profile and material finish options are available to complement different interior design concepts.

Features and benefits:

  • Secure.
  • User friendly.

General information


Status display, optical and visual alarm notification, ethernet monitoring and control, compatible with access control systems


446 x 168 x 965 mm

Uniclass 2015

Pr_30_59_34_88 Stainless steel half-height turnstilesPrimary


L20/490 Automatic doors

Specification data - Stainless steel half-height turnstiles

Product Reference

Fastlane® Compact

Lane width


550–700 mm.


850–1000 mm.

Colour/ Finish

Various options available, consult manufacturer and insert requirements.


Not required

Card reader mounting

Fastlane floor protector

Fastlane infill system

Fastlane remote control

Standard product features

Size (l x w x h):

440 x 168 x 957 mm.

Pedestal weight:

21 kg.


  • Optics: Pulsed multi infrared beam array, eight beam paths synchronised for detection, environmentally hardened to avoid sunlight interference.
  • Display: Tri-colour 'end of lane' LED display.
  • Sounders: Single tone sounder; card authorisation, alarm events.
  • Operating modes: Card in/ card out; Card entry/ free exit; Free entry/ card out; Free entry/ free exit.
  • Speed of throughput: One person per second (typically).
  • Tailgate detection distance: 5 mm.
  • Modes: Bi-directional card in/ card out; On demand bi-directional card in/ free exit enter only/ exit only lane closed.

Power supply:

  • Remote power supply input voltage: 100–240 V AC, 50–60 Hz, 60 VA.
  • Low voltage output to turnstile: 24 V DC for Fastlane CPU, current approximately 0.25 A.

Product Options


  • Card reader mounting: A number of alternative card reader mounting options are available, consult manufacturer.
  • Fastlane floor protector: Designed for temporary installations and enables Fastlanes to be installed quickly and cost effectively, without drilling or otherwise damaging the floor on which they stand.
  • Fastlane infill system: A series of decorative modular panels, which complement the Fastlane speedgates by guiding users in the desired direction.
  • Fastlane remote control: Desk mounted controller is designed to allow the guard to override some of the features of the Fastlanes, facilitate visitor entry and to give a visual indication of alarms at the guard desk.

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Revit 2015


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