EZ Wall Real Brick Cladding System

Panels are manufactured from architectural stucco embossed, galvanized steel (coating grade G-90 to ASTM A653) for rust prevention.

EZ Wall panel system may be applied over any suitable, structurally sound substrate.

The hardened steel panels help brace the wall, minimizing wall racking. The tensile strength of the steel will carry sidewall wind loading - particularly in diaphragm engineered systems.

The panels include intermittent lintels to help reduce point loads, and brick ties to interlock each brick into the system. Tab spacings on the panel can be customised to accommodate a variety of sizes for bricks, tiles, marble or granite finishes.

Specification data

Product Reference

EZ Wall Real Brick Cladding System

Standard product features

Panel thickness

27 gauge.

Product Options

Finish/ Colour:

Consult Euroform for recommendations and details.

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