EuroMix post mix

EuroMix Post Mix is a fast setting concrete specially designed to fix all wooden and metal posts without any mixing required.

Materials used comply with the following standards:

  • Sand - BS EN 13139: 2002.
  • Cement – BS EN 197-1: 2000 (UK) and IS EN 197-1: 2001 (Ireland).
  • Aggregate – BS EN 12620:2002.

Admixes do not contain calcium chlorides. Water added on site should be clean and free from impurities.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_20_31_16_68 Proprietary concretesPrimary


E10/185 Pre-blended concrete

Q41/480 Concrete foundations for posts

Q50/10 Wood gate

Q50/110 Wood gate

Q50/120 Steel gate

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EuroMix post mix

Standard product features


Cement grey.