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Eurocord Carpet Sheet

Fibre bonded carpet sheet for heavy contract use in all private and public sector buildings, including showrooms, corridors, halls, banks, offices and places of worship.

Features and benefits:

  • Easy to maintain.
  • Wide range of colours offer design flexibility.
  • Practical.
  • Durable and hard wearing.

General information


2 x 30 m

Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_57_11_30 Flat needled carpetsPrimary


M50/170 Carpeting

M50/25 Carpeting

Specification data - Flat needled carpets

Product Reference

Eurocord Carpet Sheet


See 'Options' below and insert requirements.

Standard product features

Fibre type:

80% polypropylene 20% polyester.

Fibre weight (±10%):

930 g/m².

Total carpet weight (±10%):

1150 g/m².

Total thickness (±10%):

5.8 mm.


2 x 30 m.

Product Options


  • CH201 Cobalt.
  • EUS502 Arctic.
  • EUS502 Sand.
  • EUS504 Cashmere.
  • EUS506 Chocolate.
  • EUS508 Diamond.
  • EUS512 Lincoln.
  • EUS514 Oban.
  • EUS516 Ocean.
  • EUS528 Silver.
  • EUS532 Vine.
  • EUS536 Midnight.
  • EUS538 Cosmic.
  • EUS542 Sapphire.
  • EUS546 Saratoga.
  • EUS548 Charcoal.
  • EUS550 Oatmeal.
  • EUS552 Ruby.
  • EUS554 Damson.
  • EUS559 Dark grey.
  • EUS560 Cool grey.

Light reflectance values available on request; consult manufacturer for details.

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