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For economical repair of deep holes of 15–100 mm.


Very strong epoxy repair mortar for quick and economical repair of deep holes in concrete floors.

Features and benefits:

  • Economical repair of deep or large holes in concrete floors.
  • Does not shrink or crack.
  • For interior and exterior use.
  • Contains no solvents.


For economical repair of deep holes of 15–100 mm.

General information
Uniclass 2015
Epoxy mortars (Pr_20_31_53_26)Primary
Specification data - Epoxy mortars
Product Reference

Epoxy Repair Mortar Deep Fill 5190

Standard product features

Technical characteristics:

  • Density: 2.36 kg/L.
  • Solids content: 82% by volume.
  • Compressive strength: 15.4 MN/m².
  • Fully cured: 12 h. Curing time will be extended by low temperatures. A temperature of 10°C and below will arrest the curing of the product.
  • Application temperature: Temperature of material, air and substrate between 10 and 35°C and relative humidity below 85%. The substrate temperature must be at least 3°C above dew point.
  • VOC level: 0 g/L.

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