Epimac Anti-Slip Floor Coating


Epimac Floor Paint is a solvent-borne, high performance, anti-slip coating designed for interior use over coated or uncoated concrete, stone and suitably primed metal surfaces. It is resistant to abrasion, scuffing, spillages of oils, petrol, detergents and dilute aqueous chemical solutions. Available in a Clear finish for wood floor surfaces.

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Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_31_85_04 Anti-slip floor coatingsPrimary


M60/18 Special coating

M60/180 Floor coating

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Epimac Anti-Slip Floor Paint


Mid Grey

Tile Red

Standard product features




  • Pigment: Titanium dioxide, coloured pigments and extenders.
  • Resin: Epoxy Ester.
  • Solvent: Dearomatised white spirit.

Drying time:

Recoatable after 16 hours under normal drying conditions. Recoat within 48 hours if required.

Spreading rate:

Up to 15 m²/ litre on smooth surfaces.

Wet film thickness:

67 micrometres at 15 m²/ litre.

Dry film thickness:

20 micrometres at 15 m²/ litre.

VOC Content:

EU limit value for this product (cat A/i): 500 g/L (2010). This product contains maximum 480 g/L VOC.