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Effisus Ecofacade Pre-Fab System

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Effisus Ecofacade Pre-Fab Corners 1 mm

EFFISUS Variant:

EPDM Facade connection prefabricated weatherproofing solution.

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For window frames, facade to-window connections or for use in difficult facade perforation areas.


Effisus Ecofacade Pre-Fab is based on a pre-fabricated and bespoke sealing solution developed specifically for each project detail and requirement. A system for weatherproofing facades with high performance and added value, not only due to its temperature range resistance and high UV resistance, but also to its possibilities for full customization.

The Effisus Ecofacade Pre-Fab System includes the following products:

- Effisus Ecofacade Pre-Fab Corners:

Pre-fabricated corners for facade connection weatherproofing. Effisus Ecofacade Pre-fab Corners are the ultimate supplement for a faster and error-free installation. Window frame corners are the hardest points to seal in a facade connection, due to difficult corner shapes, dimensions and sometimes limited space available to execute an efficient sealing. Effisus Pre-fab Corners are custom-made to the needs of each situation, which not only enormously increases the speed of application, but also improves the whole system’s sealing efficiency. Through this, the most vulnerable areas are transformed into the safest ones.

- Effisus Ecofacade Pre-Fab Frames:

Effisus Ecofacade Pre-fab Frames are the outperforming system for a seamless facade to-window connection sealing job.

Due to their edges and shape, window frames have always required a large amount of time, waste and sealant, but not anymore. Since the frames are customized and prefabricated according to the window frames, by using Ecofacade Membrane, a time-saving, error-free, long-lasting installation is assured. With Effisus Ecofacade Pre-fab Frames, weatherproofing windows becomes an efficient and sustainable job. Not only is time saved, but also the probability of installation errors is reduced, special labour is reduced and performance is better assured than ever.

- Effisus Pre-Fab TrueSeal:

A 3D vulcanized piece to seal difficult perforations: Rainscreen cladding systems are sometimes part of a complex architectural facade design that require difficult sealing with potential leaking spots, and are truly challenging when it comes to ensuring a proper and efficient sealing. A large cost and very time-consuming tasks are always part of addressing such challenges. This solution has been developed to seal difficult facade 3D details, increasing the quality and predictability with less human error.

Effisus Pre-Fab TrueSeal is the result of Hi-Tech EPDM/ TPE moulding and vulcanization technology. In most cases, it is the combination of innovative products along with a different production methodology.

Effisus Ecofacade Pre-fab Corners and Pre-Fab Frames, together with the Pre-Fab TrueSeal provide the ultimate, efficient and sustainable facade weatherproofing protection. Not only do they increase the speed of a critical, but time-consuming job but also, immensely, reduce the amount of waste and boost the service life-time.

Features and benefits:

  • The entire system is certified by a third party “Cahier des Charges” – by Socotec – and respects environmental conditions complying with the most demanding environmental standards, fulfilling all the requirements of LEED.
  • Robust: High life-expectancy, 100% waterproof and UV resistant. Vapour and airtight.
  • Universal: Customizable dimensions and configurations.
  • Energy efficiency: Improves the air quality of building interior, durability of all the facade components and minimizes the condensation risk.
  • Cost savings: Less waste.
  • Predictability: Less human error, more productivity and higher quality.

General information









Manufacturer guidance

Customizable dimensions and configurations.








Pr_35_90_33_22 Door and window weatherstrips and sealsPrimary


L10/260 Wood windows

L10/210 Wood windows

L10/250 Wood windows

P21/62 Weatherstrip to door head and jambs

P21/92 Weatherstrip to windows

P21/860 Door seals for

P21/960 Weatherstrip to windows

L10/10 Wood windows

Specification data - Door and window weatherstrips and seals

Third-party certification

Cahier des Charges by Socotec; LEED.


Weather seals.

Classification grades (minimum)


Category of use

Type W.

Guidance for specification option:



To suit windows.








Installing weather-stripping or seals.


Effisus Bonding KF Adhesive.

Guidance for specification option:

Paste adhesive and sealant with exceptional bonding strength especially suitable for rough, uneven surfaces. With Effisus Bonding KF Adhesive, installation can be carried out at temperatures down to –10°C* and up to +35ºC, even on moist (absorbent) surfaces, allowing corrections on the membrane position.

Effisus Bonding KFP Adhesive.

Guidance for specification option:

A paste adhesive and sealant that brings together a single adhesive with exceptional properties of adhesiveness, waterproofing and UV resistance, with suitable elongation in accordance with facade application.

Effisus Bonding KF+P Adhesive.

Guidance for specification option:

Effisus Bonding KF+P Adhesive brings together a solvent-free innovative adhesive and sealant with exceptional properties of waterproofing and UV resistance, and suitable elongation.

Effisus 2Bond GO Tape.

Guidance for specification option:

Double-sided adhesive butyl tape with excellent adhesiveness to the most common construction materials. It can be used for sealing operations between two

surfaces or nail/screw penetrations, adhering perfectly to the Effisus Ecofacade System.

Not required.


1 mm.

Resistance to water penetration



≥ 350 N/50 mm.



Dimensional stability


Sustainability data

Contains Red List materials


Country of material origin


Case studies

Lots Road Power Station - London

Lots Road Power Station - London

Mayfield Watford - London

Mayfield Watford - London

Axis Madrid

Axis Madrid

Charlotte Street, London

Charlotte Street, London

Buckingham Green - London

Buckingham Green - London

Sways Paris

Sways Paris