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Easy Paving Grout

Supplied as a pre-mixed ready to use mortar for filling of joints in paving for areas such as domestic drives, patios, terraces and paths as well as commercial car park service areas, piazzas and shopping centres.


  • Can be used in joints from 5 mm wide.
  • Single component, no mixing required and faster than traditional methods.
  • High resin content, bonds firmly once in situ and forms a strong and durable joint.
  • More flexible than cement based fillers, no more cracked pointing.
  • Water permeable, so allows rainwater to seep into the ground.
  • Specially formulated - prevents weed growth and is salt and frost resistant.

Limestone and particularly Indian Stone is liable to permanent staining, therefore testing is imperative before application. Grey grout may also stain permanently; therefore, it is recommended an inconspicuous area be tested before full application.

General information


20 Kg

Uniclass 2015

Pr_20_31_53_27 Epoxy resin groutsPrimary


Q25/440 Ready-mixed mortar

Specification data - Epoxy resin grouts

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Easy Paving Grout




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Semi-flowing aggregate.


20 Kg.