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Knauf Insulation OmniFit® Slab 35

Knauf Insulation OmniFit® Slab 35

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Non-combustible glass mineral wool slabs for use in both timber and steel frame construction projects.

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  • Pitched roofs - rafter level.
  • Timber frame walls - built in.
  • Internal walls.
  • Light steel frame walls.
  • Internal floors.
  • Separating floors - timber.
  • Suspended timber ground floors.


OmniFit® Slab 35 is a Glass Mineral Wool slab, designed for use in multiple applications in both timber and steel frame construction, that offers excellent thermal and acoustic performance.

It is non-combustible insulation with the best possible Euroclass A1 reaction to fire classification, and is manufactured using Knauf Insulation's unique bio-based binder, ECOSE® Technology.

Features and benefits:

  • Good thermal performance.
  • Provides a higher level of thermal performance than alternative flexible slabs.
  • Manufactured with ECOSE® technology, an innovative, bio-based binder that helps make the product soft and easy to handle.
  • Non-combustible A1 Euroclass Reaction to Fire classification.
  • Good sound absorption characteristics.
  • Multi-purpose product which can be used to insulate a wide range of applications, meaning less products on a vehicle and on-site.
  • Manufactured size allows friction fitting between common stud centres without any cutting and waste on-site

General information






Glass mineral wool

Glass mineral wool.




1200 x 400 mm

Uniclass 2015

Pr_25_57_06_53 Mineral wool insulationPrimary


B15/110 Timber-framed

B15/120 Timber-framed

B15/130 Light gauge steel frame

B15/140 Precast concrete frame

C46/370 Making good of cavity wall insulation

E20/200 Proprietary underslab insulation

F30/10 Full fill cavity insulation

F30/150 Full fill cavity insulation

H11/780 Thermal insulation

H42/482 Thermal insulation to rear of panels

H43/120 Metal insulating sandwich panel

H61/230 Mineral wool insulation on structural metal liner trays

H62/230 Mineral wool insulation on structural metal liner trays

H64/305 Mineral wool insulation on structural metal liner trays

H65/230 Mineral wool insulation on structural metal liner trays

H67/305 Mineral wool insulation on structural metal liner trays

H92/775 Thermal insulation

H92/776 Thermal insulation

K10/115 Metal stud partition system

K10/155 Wall lining system (metal studs)

K10/165 Wall lining system (metal framing)

K10/30 Metal stud

K10/35 Wall lining system (metal framing)

K11/115 Battened plywood floating floor

K11/125 Battened particleboard floating floor

K11/135 Battened oriented strand board floating floor

K11/145 Battened cement-bonded particleboard floating floor

K11/20 Battened particleboard floating floor

K11/215 Plywood floating floor

K11/225 Particleboard floating floor

K11/235 Oriented strand board floating floor

K11/245 Cement bonded particleboard floating floor

K11/25 Particleboard floating floor

K11/275 Acoustic separating floor system

K11/35 Oriented strand board flooring

K11/795 Wall lining on metal framing

K11/796 Metal stud partition system

M10/290 Floating construction

P10/125 Insulation laid between ceiling ties/ joists

P10/135 Insulation laid across ceiling ties/ joists

P10/140 Insulation fitted between rafters

P10/148 Multilayer blanket insulation fixed under or above rafters

P10/15 Insulation fitted between rafters

P10/180 Insulation to water cisterns

P10/190 Insulation fitted between studs

P10/212 Insulation fixed across inner face of stud walling

P10/217 Insulation slabs fixed to backing wall

P10/220 Sound insulation within timber framed separating wall

P10/240 Insulation fitted between floor joists

P10/25 Insulation to water cisterns

P10/40 Insulation fitted betweenor to the face ofstuds

Specification data - Mineral wool insulation Enhanced data


To BS EN 13162.





Thickness (minimum)

50 mm.

100 mm.

140 mm.

Width (nominal)

400 mm.

Thermal conductivity (maximum)

0.035 W/mK.

Fire performance

EUROCLASS A1 to BS EN 13501-1.

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Environmental information

Contains Red List materials


Country of material origin

United Kingdom


See Product EPD.


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Third party certifications

  • Eurofins Gold Certificate for Indoor Air Comfort

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