Duplus, Parvus, Singula

Information post made up of one or two vertical elements, from Metalco's Stile collection.

Product is manufactured entirely from aluminium, with a steel internal post. Fixing is below ground, by concreting-in the steel post.

The flag model can hold up to a maximum of three boards, whilst the models with two supports can hold up to five boards.

General information


Body: Powder-coated aluminium

Internal post: Powder-coated steel

Uniclass 2015

Pr_40_10_77_46 Ladder signsPrimary


N91/535 Ladder sign

N91/550 Finger post

Specification data - Ladder signs Enhanced data

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Standard product features

Size (h x w x d):

  • Duplus: 3593 x 1547 x 120 mm.
  • Parvus: 3090 x 1547 x 120 mm.
  • Singula: 3593 x 1422 x 120 mm.


  • Body: Powder-coated aluminium.
  • Internal post: Powder-coated steel.

Product Options


  • Duplus: Double vertical element. Holds a maximum of five 250 mm boards.
  • Parvus: Double vertical element. Holds a maximum of five 150 mm boards.
  • Singula: Singular vertical element. Holds a maximum of three 250 mm boards.