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Privacy screen which can be manufactured from a variety of materials, including particleboard, laminates, veneer or glass panels.

General information

2040 mm overall height including 150 mm floor clearance

Uniclass 2015 Privacy screen systems (Ss_25_12_60_65)
Specification data
Product Reference

Duet Privacy Screen

Panels -


Glass panels.


Laminated panels.


MFC panels.


Solid grade laminated panels.


Real wood veneer panels.


As schedule ___

A wide range of materials available, please contact manufacturer for details.


As schedule ___

Edge treatment

Lipped with corresponding PVC

DuetHPLps and DuetMFCps.

Lipped with matching laminate

DuetHPLps and DuetMFCps.

Manufacturer's standard

Pilaster finish

Manufacturer's standard

Other finishes available upon request subject to surcharge.

As schedule ___


Not required


Standard product features


2040 mm overall height including 150 mm floor clearance.


Satin polished Grade 316 stainless steel channel bracket partition and pilaster fixings.

Product Options


  • Glass panels (DuetGps): 10 mm toughened and screen printed safety glass.
  • Laminated panels (DuetHPLps): 18 mm MR MDF faced on both sides with high pressure laminate (HPL).
  • MFC panels (DuetMFCps): 19 mm moisture resistance (MR) melamine faced chipboard (MFC).
  • Real wood veneer panels (DuetVps): 18 mm MR MDF on both sides with real wood veneer.
  • Solid grade laminated panels (DuetSGLps): 12/ 13 mm solid grade laminate (SGL).

- Colour:

To be confirmed from WW standard range, subject to depth of partition.

Edge treatment:

  • Glass panels (DuetGps): Exposed edges machines to a smooth finish.
  • Laminated panels (DuetHPLps) and MFC panels (DuetMFCps): Edges lipped with matching laminate or corresponding PVC.
  • Real wood veneer panels (DuetVps): All edges lipped in corresponding hardwood, vertical edges to run though.
  • Solid grade laminated panels (DuetSGLps): Exposed edges machined to a smooth finish.

Pilaster finish

Elliptical/ Aerofoil aluminium pilasters 200 x 40 mm. Satin anodized as standard. Other finishes available upon request subject to surcharge.


Two options available:

  • Tubular and rounded off design manufactured from satin anodized aluminium, fixed to partition panel. Adjustable to suit uneven floor levels.
  • Not required as main pilaster extended to floor.

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