DucoGrille NightVent

Window glass replacement ventilation.


A glass-replacing ventilation hatch (for glass thicknesses from 24–48 mm) which provides efficient cooling of any building due to the supply of large ventilation flow rates. It consists of a single module, although it contains two essential components. Ten-year warranty.

From outside, the DucoGrille NightVent is protected by a window louvre with perforated louvre blades (DucoGrille Solid 30Z P1) that act as an insect screen. On the inside, an insulated opening panel with a flat-finished inner panel makes for easy integration into the interior. In addition, the acoustic attenuation ensures that the thermal value of the ventilation hatch is comparable to that of a closed window.

The ventilation hatch can be hinged horizontally or vertically and the inner and outer panels can be finished in various colours. It is available in motorized and manual versions and has been tested under the applicable European regulations by means of intensive tests covering wind and water resistance. In addition, the external louvre grille is also available in a vandal-proof or intrusion-resistant version up to RC2 class.


Window glass replacement ventilation.

General information


Internal and external: Aluminium, Al Mg Si 0.5

Thermal interruption: Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

Insulation: Polyisocyanurate (PIR)

Uniclass 2015

Pr_30_59_48_04 Aluminium louvre panel unitsPrimary


L10/650 Metal louvres

Specification data - Aluminium louvre panel units

Product Reference

DucoGrille NightVent




Fitted with one or two handles - insert requirement.

Finish/ Colour


Powder coated, RAL

Insert colour requirements.

Flange width

24 mm

28 mm

32 mm

36 mm

40 mm

44 mm

48 mm


Not required

Fine punching keeps insects out.

Stainless steel mesh, 2.3 x 2.3 mm

Resistant to insects, vermin and birds.

Intrusion resistance (to BS EN 5096 and BS EN 1627)

Not required


Standard product features


  • Internal and external: Aluminium, Al Mg Si 0.5.
  • Thermal interruption: Polyvinyl chloride (PVC).
  • Insulation: Polyisocyanurate (PIR).

Louvre pitch:

37.5 mm.

Frame depth:

115 mm.

Sound attenuation value Rw (C;Ctr):

  • Open: 10 dB (0;-1).
  • Closed: 33 dB (-1;-4).

Ventilation performance:

  • 369 L/s/m² (at 2 Pa).
  • Visual free area: 60%.
  • Physical free area: 34%.
  • Ce: 0.2.
  • Cd: 0.2.
  • K-factor inlet and outlet: 24.51.

Water resistance:

  • 0 m/s air velocity: Class A.
  • 0.5 m/s air velocity: Class B.
  • 1 m/s air velocity: Class C.
  • 1.5 m/s air velocity: Class D.
  • 2 m/s air velocity: Class D.
  • 2.5 m/s air velocity: Class D.

Air density (when closed):

Qn50 = 3.6 m³/h/m².

Water resistance (to BS EN 12208 and BS EN 1027, when closed):

Class 9a.


1.5 W/m²K.

Motor (electric operation):

  • Noise: <35 dB (A).
  • Operating temperature: -25 to +60°C.

Product Options


– Electric:

An electric actuator can open/ close the ventilation hatch via a wired or wireless user controller, or fully automatically based on CO2 and temperature measurements (if used in a Duco Tronic (Plus) System). The ventilation hatch can therefore be opened at any time, even if no one is in. In addition, the DucoGrille NightVent can be linked to the building management system (BMS).

Finish/ Colour:

  • Anodized: Qualanod-compliant, coating thickness 15–20 µm, standard natural colour (clear anodizing).
  • Powder coated: Qualicoat-compliant, minimum average coating thickness 60–80 µm, standard RAL colours with 70% gloss.

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