Dualair Secondary Glazed Louvre Component System

Secondary glazed unit for multi-residential or commercial applications, particularly those with high Rw or low U-value requirements.


An Altair Louvre Component System in a secondary glazed configuration within a 150mm commercial frame with partial pressure equalisation for superior water penetration resistance and high acoustic and thermal insulation.

Features and benefits:

  • Water penetration resistance up to 620Pa at floor to ceiling window sizes
  • Maximum ventilation
  • Excellent sound acoustics to reduce outdoor noise – Rw ratings up to 35.
  • U-values ranging from 2.4 to 3.3 give comparable performance to double glazed windows with thermally broken frames.
  • Use aluminium or patterned glass blades on outer blades to provide shading and privacy.
  • Pinned design that mechanically retains blades within the clips to prevent blade dislodgement under human impact (optional with the Stronghold System)

General information


Breezway offers an extensive range of colours and finishes, many with optional colour matched handles and clips.



Altair Louvre windows are available in three different surface finishes: 25 micron anodised, standard powder coating and high performance powder coating under warranty from Dulux and Akzo Nobel.

25 microns anodised

Standard powder coating

High performance powder coating


Aluminium, glass, polypropylene and acetal.


Various profiles available



While Altair Louvre Windows can be manufactured in any size specified, the wind and water rating for the building project will affect the maximum allowable window height and bay width. Altair Powerlouvre Windows can have heights up to 2,600mm and blade lengths up to 1,127mm.



Subject to the Warranty Claim Procedure, Breezway warrants the goods supplied to be free of defects arising from faulty workmanship or materials for a period of up to ten (10) years on frames, seven (7) years on louvre moving parts, and three (3) years on electronic components from the date of purchase and guarantees that services will be rendered with due care and skill.

Uniclass 2015

Pr_30_59_98_34 Glass louvre window units

Specification data - Glass louvre window units Enhanced data


To AS 2047.

Dimensions and configurations

Single Louvre Component Bay - A single louvre window component set contained within a single frame (frame by others).

Multiple Louvre Component Bays - Multiple louvre window component sets contained within a single frame, separated by mullions (frame and mullions by others).

Product performance


Ultimate limit state (ULS)

Up to 8,000 Pa.

Fire resistance level



Not rated

Bushfire attack resistance



To AS 3959.

Bushfire protection level

Up to BAL-FZ using bushfire shutters.

Acoustic performance



To AS/NZS ISO 717.1

Weighted sound reduction index (Rw)


Water penetration resistance



Up to 620 Pa


Patented living hinge and drainage channel designs for superior water performance.

Air infiltration


Low level

Patented 'Living Hinge' design that pulls the clips tightly against the channel when closed for superior water performance and air infiltration

High level

Patented 'Living Hinge' design that pulls the clips tightly against the channel when closed for superior water performance and air infiltration

Whole window U-value

Maximum U-value of 3.8 W/m2 .K. U-values vary based on the frame type and glass






Glazing or infill



To AS 1288.

Glass louvre

Glass louvre blades

Fixed panel




Protection of openable windows

Opening restrictor.

Test results

Passed testing to 40,000 open/close cycles for long operational life. Passed testing to 15,000 lock/unlock cycles for long operational life

Enhanced security

Keylock (optional).

Environmental information

Country of product manufacture